A note to support you through the winter months……through your practice. I arrive, it is just me and the movement of my body, my mind calms………. I lead my life with integrity, a fierce medicine that comes from my breath, life is beauty and strength, it is spirit that guides, and I breathe again, this time a little deeper.
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Stalk Your Fear 

a lesson shared by my teacher Ana Forrest in her book 
Fierce Medicine.
An article in the Huffington Post is a good read from Ana:


"I was walking in the mountains in California and came around a cliff edge and around a tree and then, boom, I came right up on a cougar! We were six feet apart. That is far too close to a cougar. That is one jump for a cougar. I was very surprised, then a wave of fear started to wash through me that was quite insidious. 

I started thinking "I can't outrun this, I can't outrun a cougar, I don't want to be prey!" I think the cougar reacted to my fear, to the smell of it. Both of us sat there and stared at each other. The cougar's green-gold eyes widened and began to narrow. The cougar's hair started to come up and its lips curled; it was showing signs of coming into attack mode.

I thought, "All right, here we go...."

So I made my biggest yowl and ran at that cougar with my hands extended into claws! And IT ran off!!

I changed my reaction to fear."

Ana Forrest taught me how to heal in a very brave way when my world was falling apart and I couldn't find a way to heal my childhood abuse, the cheating of my ex-husband, a phantom-illness that had tried to kill me and the loss of my job and home, all at once! …….your teacher.
A note from your teacher:
Recently I have heard from many of you now that we are in the deep of winter, how the practice of Qigong is shifting you. The practice may seem to make you jubilant, scared, tired, rejuvenated…. we are all different, uniquely you and therefore each of us will have different reaction day to day, practice to practice. When we step into the world of Qigong, moreso than Yoga even we may be surprised that it is much more than an exercise. Embrace the changes that come they are all for your healing. 

In our lives we have moments, events that make their mark like scars on the surface, but mostly deep within that we push further deeper in order to move on, but they get trapped as pain, emotion, even sub-conscious movement in our lives. It is not until we begin to open through these practices that we release these things that are trapped, and our first reaction is Fear. It is new, its is different and maybe it brings up a story that we thought or wanted to be gone long ago. These are not moments to turn and run, but to stand with them, learn from them and let them go. 

Trust yourself. Trust that there is more than what you already know. Trust that you have everything you already need to heal. Trust that you are supported. Trust that the medicine is the showing up, the practice, the willingness to let go of the story of your pain, your disappointments, your losses, and change that. Courage is the replacement, health is the replacement, clarity, strength, awareness, intuition……. so much replaces the blocks that bind us to the old stories. 

So if you question whether you should, do. 
If you wonder whether you should come, come.
When you show up, you've taken the first step.
Nobody knows you better than you.

"I believe that Qi Gong is the perfect practice, and a profound yet gentle tool, to help you work through any stormy and emotional times! 

Meditate and consider the following: 

Emotions are like clouds – welcome them in and allow them to pass 

Emotions do not mature by avoiding or protecting them

An affirmation:

I embrace my emotions and their physical sensations as natural, and a vital part of my learning" Dr. James Lee, Wu Wei Wisdom

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