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Hello everyone, as promised to both my Denver students and to the Bisbee group, to send out useful information about our previous practices involving the Sciatic nerve or Sciatica, the condition of impingement of the sciatic nerve, as well as nutrition suggestion to heal nerve and tendon issues, exercises both in Qigong and Yoga to help heal, breathing exercise to increase Qi, with links for more reading support. 

Although I have moved from Denver, there will be upcoming visits in which i will offer classes and workshops in the future. And while i am in  Bisbee for the month of March i will also offer to my greatest extent classes and sessions. I am always available by email, and you can find archives of all of the previous emails in the link below which have great information from our practices. Do not hesitate to send an inquiry. 

With Love, Candace.


We’ve all heard the name Sciatica, often diagnosed with back pain, radiating pain down the leg, side or hip, but is the Sciatic Never?

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and begins from nerve roots in the lumbar spinal cord in the low back and extends through the buttock area to send nerveendings down the lower limb. Radiculopathy is sometimes referred to as sciatic nervepain.

Western Medicne view - Triggers
1.Age (deteoriation)
2. Weight - more fat causes more strain on spine
3. Congenital (stenosis and arthritis)
4. Injury - herniated disk and piriformis/QL

In TCM, pain is considered due to stagnation of Qi and Blood. Movement (Qi moves blood) moves the blockage and brings blood to nourish tissues, nerves and decreases pain. However blood (nutrition) is the mother if Qi, if blood deficient (nutrients in blood) then the blood cannot nourish the marrow in bones where red blood cells are made, and stagnation and inflammation result. 

1. Eat Well - clean, pure, fresh food. Eat blood tonifying foods such as dark green leafy vegetables, red colored foods like beets, red beans. Processed food is dead food and lacking in nutrients. Plant a garden! Eat Yin foods in evening when Kidney energy is renewed (bone broths, stews and soups). Rest and digest.

2. Exercise - Qigong builds Qi, Restorative and supported Yoga. Move your body every 20 minutes get up and walk. Posture - stop slouching, sit with spine straight and legs below hips, feet flat on flood. Cushion the sit bones.

Now what can we do for Sciatic nerve pain, otherwise known as Sciatica? I have two very resource rich links worthy of your time of reading. The first is from Banda Yoga, Dr. Ray Long has been a long time inspiration to my practice and teachings. He also offers on his webpage this great at length, and beautifully illustrated root cause of sciatic pain related to the Piriformis

The second link is to a peer reviewed journal article coming from TCM perspective and how acupuncture can treat sciatic pain. 

Check out the links in the photos below:

Bandha Yoga

Piriformis Syndrome
  • The Efficacy of Acupuncture for the Treatment of Sciatica: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis!po=40.3846

Mei Ji, Xiaoxia Wang, [...], and Jin Yang


 10 Exercises/Yoga/Qigong for healing
1. Strengthen Abs to heal the back with Abs with block
2. Bridge supported, one foot gluteus lifts on wall, bridge on wall.
3. Elbow to Knee
Targeting to lengthen Illiopsoas, increase ab strength, lengthen and open SI joints

4. Supine twists
5. Seated with bolster twist and fold
6. Yogi squat (malasana), with or without block
7. MaBu/ horsestance
Qigong to move and cultivate Qi
8. Pyramid
9. Straddle the River with holds each side
10. Sequence 5 Elements -
Good Morning - KD Yang
Flame Shaping - HT
Walking the Bear - wide stance - SP
Eternal Wings - LU
5E meets 5E - KD
PRANAYAMA - Breathing Exercises
Inner Alchemy sitting or standing, or lying down in supported position. circular breathing, cosmic orbit lifting breath with hands up the spine then returning to dantian. Warm the 3 grandchildren, lifting breath larger each dantian. Then holding and drawing Huiyin (perineum) upward while pressing breath down to pearl at dantian. Flush at end of sequence 3 fast full breaths.

Qigong Sound Healing
(click for sound)
Schedule for the week of March 8 - 14, 2020
Bisbee, Az at Club K

Wednesday Mar 11,  Daoist Qigong 10-11am
*Thursday March 12, Yoga All Levels, 530-7
*Friday March 13, Yoga All Levels 9-10am
Saturday, March 14, Qigong/Yiga Ceremony Prac. 10-11am

*subbing for Sharon this week
All Classes are $10 cash or check please, thank you
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