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Introducing our new homepage. Key in our offering is Distributed Intelligence. Our mission is the realization of higher Return on Assets and Operational Excellence through the digitalization and connectivity of industrial assets. We have redesigned our homepage to better reflect and communicate this mission. You can now read about us in English, German and Finnish. Take a look!

Guest Blog - Exporting world class IIot and Big Data solutions from Finland

Every now and then, there are major shifts in the basic fundamentals of how business is being done locally and internationally. And this is exactly what is going on now. A triplet, consisting of digitalization, mass connectivity and big data utilization, is driving for more efficient use of resources, creating new products and services and giving birth to innovative new business models. This all creates a need for faster development, more agile solutions and in-depth customer understanding for companies to stay competitive.

For Finnish companies, the basic elements for succeeding internationally is rather solid. They are leading the way in utilizing the growing amount of data in industrial processes. Globally, Finland ranks 3rd in the utilization of the Internet of Things (IoT). Furthermore, we are number one in the degree of digitalization (Digibarometer 2016).

Usually, large multinational ICT companies have a somewhat standardized offering, yet with limited flexibility. This creates an opportunity for smaller, specialized companies to offer very unique sets of solutions. Though it can be hard for smaller companies to break through and land international deals. This is where Finnish way of working comes into play – a collaboration between companies, universities and public sector in the fields of digitalization, Industrial Internet and Big Data. Together we are bigger and stronger and can get those international deals.

Capitalise Your Knowledge - growth program (CyK), managed by Finpro, boosts Finnish Industrial Internet and Big Data companies’ international business with a common ingredient: pooling the expertise and knowledge of the companies and that of Finpro network. The growth program focus is on supporting Finnish companies to land those international deals. The program is an enabler, providing opportunities for reaching potential customers, generating business leads and providing support on the path to international markets. We are very happy to work with Distence, a good example of a Finnish company with strong customer focused offering backed with solid business value and passion to succeed in international markets.

So, if you are working for a Finnish SME in the field of IoT and big data and are feeling the challenge of internationalization in your guts, do not be worried, Finpro is there to help you. Our first advice for the companies is to be very focused on customer value. Next, is to start developing and piloting and then proceed to commercializing and most importantly, start cooperating together with other companies to create globally competitive solutions. Finpro is here to support you in all those steps to bring growth to Finland.
Reijo Smolander
Director, Capitalize your Knowledge – growth program
Distence - Distributed Intelligence for Industrial Applications
Distributed Intelligence LIVE

This summer we produced a video to tell more about our vision and what we have accompished with distributed intelligence. How is distributed intelligence transforming the competitive space in various industries and what our customers have to say about this revolution. Click on the picture and enjoy!
Kalle Nurminen joins Distence as the new Head of Sales.

Kalle has an extensive background in servicing industrial customers globally. For the past 8 years he has worked at Texas Instruments responsible for several global industrial accounts. Kalle holds a MSc. degree in Engineering from Aalto University, majoring in Electronics Production Technology. Please contact Kalle at Kalle.Nurminen (at) or at + 358 40 538 2216.

ORM-100 -family refresh - BT LE sensors supported!

Distence Remote Management products consist of several families, meeting different kinds of Customer needs. The range covers everything from "highly featured" ORM-800, all the way to ORM-600, ORM-400 and ORM200 and the "small & handy" ORM-100 family.
Now, our shortly up-coming realease adds some very interesting features to the ORM-100 product family such as Bluetooth LE, WLAN, GPS, on-board gyroscope and vibration sensor as well as updated 3G and 4G communications. These features add to the existing analog 0-10V & 4-20mA inputs and field bus connectivity.

The new features make possible totally new approaches to increase local intelligence at the device level. As is The Distence Way, most of the features are optional enabling the solution to meet exact customer needs and cost points. Contact Kalle Nurminen for more at + 358 40 538 2216.
Distence on the road.

Over the next few months Distence will be travelling Europe actively. Here is the current list of events we will be attending. The list will be updated on our homepage as the plan evolves. Naturally, we will be happy to come visit you anywhere, so please get in touch.

6.9.2016 – Internet of Things Copenhagen, Denmark, Management Events

13-15.9.2016 – RWM (Resource efficiency & waste management solutions), Birmingham, UK

5-6.10.2016 – M2M Summit, Düsseldorf

7.12.2016 – Internet of Things Sweden, Stockholm, Management Events

Contact us to set up a meeting!

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Solutions and Technologies.

Pumps, Motors, Vehicles, Transformers, Industrial Processes and more. Take a look at our Solutions section on our new homepage. We have experience not only from rotating machines, but increasingly from various industrial processes, electrical equipment and e.g. transformers. The flexibility and modularity of our industrial grade technology allows us to service both OEM and the retrofit industry, see what we have done and take a look at some cases.

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