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Oliotalo is now Distence

We have changed our name to better reflect the core of our offering, Distributed Intelligence. Oliotalo is now Distence. 

Regardless of the industry, digitalization of assets is more and more the way to achieve competitive advantage, be it in the form of new smart services, cost management, higher uptime or better customer service. Simply connecting your assets does not cut it any longer. M. Porter and J. Heppelman in their vision of smart connected products identify 4 levels: monitoring, control, optimization and autonomy. The two last require intelligence from the products, and even connecting products without leaving the option to evolve to the next levels, calls for intelligence. For the past decade Distence has focused on making assets intelligent. Making industrial assets aware of themselves and their surroundings and enabling the building of a system of systems. 

As our business is growing and more and more of our solutions end up outside of Finland, we hope our new name, Distence, communicates better our core knowhow and expertise - Distributed Intelligence.

Kim Korhonen


Join our team!

DISTENCE is growing and we are looking for new talent into our team to the Espoo, Finland office.

Head of Sales

Are you driven and experienced in delivering solutions to industrial customers, both international and domestic? Join us to lead our growth. Read more.

Systems Specialist

System development: Linux-based embedded platforms, C, Python. Read more and apply.

Systems Specialist

Front-end development: experience from JavaScript single page applications, React, Backbone.js. Read more and apply.


Guest blog

Do-It-Yourself IoT?

I believe it is not wrong to say that in every company digitalization is discussed, in one form or another. That is, how to capture the possibilities that new technologies bring with them and how to develop the business. And this is all good.
In my own work I have however realized that too many companies end up gravitating too fast towards technology when exploring the possibilities of digitalization. This way of working leads alarmingly often to the conclusion, that IoT is about technology and that the knowhow in this technology must be in-house. As soon as we have a platform and the specialists, we can get to work.
When choosing this road, an IoT technology department is born with a mission to build and maintain the best in class technology. Investments into IT, software, licenses and equipment are done according to the traditional company purchasing process, all well prepared and planned and using the good old purchasing department bidding process. You can see and feel the energy, there is so much to do and the excitement around the new technology is almost tangible.
Who would not want to be part of inventing the wheel?
The focus and fuss around the technology consumes however enormous amounts of critical resources, both management focus and time. All this on something for which solutions already exist. This start-up phase takes easily a year, which is the core of the problem. Meanwhile the competition is already far down the road implementing the learnings and rolling out the next generation products and services.
An agile organization focuses on thinking, what is it that we are trying to achieve with digitalization. They explore, pilot and iterate. Success does not result from acquiring technology and resources, but from the intelligent application of it. This is why most of the resources should focus on the latter. A partner with the appropriate technology and tools can take care of the rest.
I firmly believe, that regardless of the hype around IoT, it does not differ, from the perspective of technology and operations, at all from traditional IT. An outsourced IoT-service frees the organization to what it knows and does best. Outsourcing the IoT-technology and the operations keeps the focus on the business and its development.
It is up to both the IT-partner and the IoT-partner to ensure that the service and the underlying technologies develop continuously. A good partner offers ideas, support and allows for the customer to leverage the partners wide experience and knowhow.
On every strategy course the classic question, ”make or buy”, is presented and discussed. This question is still crucial to the success of any company.
Markku Hollström
Vice president responsible for Elisa’s IoT projects

Hannover Messe 2016 - all eyes on digitalisation.

This years technology exhibition in Hannover had IoT written all over it. As Germany and the entire world for that matter are going thru transitions such as Die Energiewende and Industrie 4.0 along with keeping up with the acceleration of technology innovation and the fluctuating economical climate, companies are looking for new areas to gain competitive advantage. Managing with information, asset autonomy and the huge pressure to optimize operations and get assets ready for the connected world, are changing organisations and offerings. We are seeing more product-as-a-service type transitions, remote condition and operations management solutions and the digitalization of assets.

Retrofit or OEM - ORM delivers fast access to market

The Distence offering, our ORM modular technology together with our IoT platform, specifically built with demanding applications and environments in mind, received a lot of attention and visits to our booth. Instead of focusing on the technology or Do-It-Yourself-IoT, as Markku wrote in his guest blog, companies are focusing on managing with information. We ask always at the beginning of a customer engagement: With what information can you make money? Information must drive the change, and the use and dissemination of information to as many users inside the organization as possible is key, not just condition montoring, the traditional user of IoT.

Are you interested in discussing how to make your assets or your customers assets intelligent? Please get in touch and we can share our knowhow on capturing direct financial benefits with intelligent assets. You can contact us here.

Distence Sales Team Expands

Samuli Hartikainen joins the Distence Team as Business Development Director. Samuli brings with him experience and diversified knowledge of global business cultures. He has wide international sales experience, including 11 years in Germany. Samuli has been working with demanding technologies and solutions: Automation and Test solutions in Electronics industry processes, Robot applications, CNC Machine Tools, Construction machinery and Plastic Piping systems. You can reach Samuli at samuli.hartikainen (at)
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