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This month, keep up-to-date on the latest on Countryside Stewardship and claims. 

Countryside Stewardship

Woodland Creation

The deadline for submitting your Woodland Creation application is 1 March; please submit your applications as soon as you can.

We would also like to highlight the availability of the Woodland Creation 10 year maintenance payments which are available to eligible customers who have completed their planting under the Woodland Creation grant. Once the final claim is made for your Woodland Creation capital agreement, you will be invited to apply for the Woodland Creation maintenance grant which gives a payment of £200 a hectare per year for 10 years.

Tree Health

The administration of Tree Health grants (both restoration and improvement) will change on the 24 February. From this date, a new form will be available on GOV.UK and you will need to return your completed forms to Natural England Technical Services. Any forms submitted after this date on the existing form will not be accepted.

Tree Health restoration supports restocking in a woodland following felling due to specific tree health diseases. Tree Health improvement supports the removal of rhododendron and uneconomic felling of diseased trees. 

Woodland Management Plan Grant

The Woodland Management Plan Grant manual is available on GOV.UK and is open for applications all year. They can be made using the Capital Grant Application Form and annex 3 woodland management plan - at any time. Applicants will soon be able to apply for this grant online through Rural Payments. Please visit the Woodland Support Pages on GOV.UK for further information on when this option will be available.

Countryside Stewardship Woodland Events

We are hosting a number of customer seminars around the country. To book your place, or to check for events in your area, please see our Countryside Stewardship events page.

Countryside Stewardship Funding for Woodlands

We have updated our Countryside Stewardship Funding for Woodlands leaflet. Please use this to decide which grants are suitable for you, and when you should apply, a limited number of printed copies will be available in your local FC office.

Natural England invite applications for Hedgerows and Boundaries

The Hedgerows and Boundaries Grant is now open for applications and closes on the 28 April. The grant is designed to help farmers and other landowners improve important farmland boundaries. Application Forms are available to download now. Contact your NE advisor to discuss your plans to see how they will fit with your woodland grants.


Woodland Creation

We want to remind applicants who have a English Woodland Grant Scheme capital grant scheme claim year of 16-17 and have not claimed, that you must claim by the 31 March or you will lose your ability to claim. Please return all claim forms to your FC Admin Hub.

Annual Claims Process

We will be contacting agreement holders about the annual claim process for 2017. Annual claims need to be submitted by the 15 May.


If you have any questions, please contact us:



Forestry Commission 620 Bristol Business Coldharbour Lane Bristol, BS16 1EJ United Kingdom

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