Summary of some of the BDDF's activities during Mental Health Awareness Week & a podcast featuring BDD
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Summary of some of the BDDF's activities during Mental Health Awareness Week & a podcast featuring BDD

This year the Mental Health Foundation had the theme of 'body image' for Mental Health Awareness week which took place from 13th -19th May.
Trustees from the BDD Foundation were invited to a Parliamentary reception to hear their research findings on how body image is affecting mental health in the UK.
Mental Health Foundation's Research Summary
During the evening there was a performance of a very engaging spoken word poem by Priscila Hernandez 'You are more than a reflection'
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For MHAW our tremendous Trustee Nicole Schnackenberg did a presentation at the Cabinet Offices with the MP Chris Evans to parliamentarians and civil servants on body image.
The event organisers of 'What's Going on in your Head?' chose the theme of body image to coincide with MHAW and we had the fantastic Omari Eccleston-Brown representing the BDD Foundation with an interpretive dance and then discussion about his experience of BDD. 
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Elle Magazine reached out to the BDD Foundation for an article in their May edition: 'The Girl in the Mirror: What it is like to suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder

While general feelings of insecurity plague many young women, for a person who has BDD, such thoughts are all-consuming. The problem crosses over from body image concern if it’s affecting your ability to work, manage relationship or keep up a social life.

Rebecca and other's talk about their experiences with BDD:
 ‘[BDD] stops you from doing everything. It's a form of anxiety. You’re trapped in your head every second of every day. All you can think about is your body and how uncomfortable you feel in it.’
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In the first of a two part special focusing on the debilitating body image disorder, Body Dysmorphia, Dr Linda chats to Kitty Wallace who has battled with BDD since her teens. 
BDD is an all consuming disorder, where the sufferer finds themselves fixating on a perceived flaw or defect in their appearance that is invisible to others and it can have a hugely debilitating effect on their ability to engage in every day activities. 
In Kitty's darkest times she found herself unable to leave the house for months on end, avoiding social situations because of her anxiety over her skin. When she did try and leave the house there were times when she found herself locked in an 8 hour cycle of trying to cover up the skin on her face, applying and removing make up until she eventually gave up, exhausted. 

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel as she goes on to discuss her recovery through therapy.

The next episode features Dr Amita Jassi who gives a clinical and expert perspective on the disorder and treatment for it.
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