BDD Training for OCD Action Volunteers, BDD in the Media, Stu's Story
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BDD Training for OCD Action Volunteers, BDD in the Media & Stu's Story

Earlier this month the volunteers from the fantastic charity OCD Action gathered at the Maudsley Hospital in South London for some expert training in Body Dysmorphic Disorder.  

The training was given by Dr Rob Willson (Chairman of the BDD Foundation and a leading expert on BDD) and Benedetta Monzani (Clinical psychologist at the National Specialist centre for young people with BDD at the Maudsley).
This training was to extend the understanding of BDD for Helpline and Advocacy volunteers who do a fantastic job at providing information, emotional support and signposting for those who have (or care for someone with) OCD, BDD and related disorders. 

We are incredibly grateful for the time and effort given by volunteers for this wonderful service.  

OCD Action Helpline number: 0845 390 6232
OCD Action Helpline Info
NHS medical director Professor Stephen Powis wrote to Superdrug raising concerns after the company announced it would be offering Botox and fillers at high street stores.

He also criticised TV chiefs for screening cosmetic surgery adverts during the commercial breaks for programmes like Love Island, targeted at young people.

He signposted Superdrug to a number of self-reporting tools, which have been approved by the BDD Foundation, and are routinely used to identify this condition.

Alanah Bagwell, an ambassador for the BDD Foundation, who was interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme said that prior to being treated for the condition she would "beg and plead" with her parents to access plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. The 22-year-old believes that it would have been a "real issue" for her if these procedures had been available on the high street at the time.

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Stu Chandler, Technical Director for the BDD Foundation and one of it's Founding members has bravely opened up about his personal story of battling Body Dysmorphic Disorder.  

His account movingly describes how BDD has affected his life but through the right treatment and the support of family and friends he battled back to recovery.  

'Over the next 2 months it hit like a brick. I couldn’t leave the house. remember cutting myself. I said to my Mum ‘I’m in trouble, can you help me?’

He continues to inspire the Foundation with his pioneering spirit and desire to raise awareness of this disabling condition in the hope that others will not experience the same struggles when trying to gain a diagnosis or receive the correct treatment:

'My goal is to get a leaflet in every surgery and for BDD to be as well known as anorexia and OCD and when people have BDD that they don’t go through the living hell I went through. Rob says should I have been diagnosed with BDD at the start, the last 18 years wouldn’t have happened. In my case it was being continually misdiagnosed and mistreated for 5 years that made it so severe.'
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