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Announcing ICEfaces Enterprise Edition 4.0!

Just Released and Available for Download

Engineered to be industry’s most reliable and responsive RIA framework for Java EE, ICEfaces EE 4.0.0.GA is now available for download. ICEfaces EE 4.0 is a certified and commercially supported software release that extends ICEsoft’s open source offering. ICEfaces EE 4.0 offers:

  • Certified support for the widest range of commercial and open source application servers, browsers and middleware in the industry
  • Seamless support for adaptive mobile-web development
  • New EE Mobile Device Simulator enables simulated layout and rendering of ICEfaces mobile applications on popular mobile device form-factors
  • Clustered and high-availability / fail-over compliant software, documentation, and support
  • Enterprise Push Server for clustered push and multi-application push support
  • Cloud Push Support to enable mobile-applications to leverage native Android and iOS push notifications, in addition to SMS and email
  • Exclusive feature enhancements and components for both the ACE and MOBI component libraries
  • Optional support for BridgeIt Hybrid-Mobility solutions to enable web-based access to native device features and functions
  • Access to Functional and Load Testing references and examples
  • Over 175 stabilizing fixes not available in the open-source release
  • Professional Support, SLAs, and consulting hours
Download ICEfaces EE 4.0  |   Release Notes  |   Product Overview  |   Licensing Info

Introducing ICEfaces EE 4.0 Mobile Device Simulator

ICEfaces Mobile Simulator
Only available with Enterprise Edition software, the ICEfaces EE Mobile Device Simulator allows you to explore first hand how your applications will look and behave across a wide range of mobile device platforms and orientations. This easy to use and configure simulator is ideal for development-time previewing of mobile web-applications on desktop browsers to speed mobile application development.

Try out the EE Mobile Device Simulator here.
Read the blog article for more information here.


When web-based applications are not enough

BridgeItBridgeIt allows developers to easily develop and deploy hybrid-mobile web applications while removing the need to develop in native code and having to deal with the frustrations of app store submissions. BridgeIt’s unique approach provides web-based applications access to native mobile device features typically reserved for native apps,  such as the camera, scanner, microphone, and contacts.

BridgeIt’s web-centric approach simplifies development and reduces post production deployment and support costs.  BridgeIt works as a seamless extension / add-on to ICESfaces EE 4.0. 
To learn more about BridgeIt and to see it in action check out for a range of demos, videos, tutorials and documentation.

How To Develop RIAs with ICEfaces 4 and Eclipse or NetBeans
Separate IDE download bundles no longer required

ICEfaces 4.0 and ICEfaces EE 4.0 no longer require specialized IDE integration bundles.  Rather it can be used directly with leading JSF 2.2 supporting IDEs such as Eclipse and Netbeans. New tutorials are now available to explain the steps needed to configure your Netbeans 8 or Eclipse 4.4 IDE projects for ICEfaces integration.

View the Tutorials here.

ICEsoft Experts at your Service!

ICEsoft provides worldwide professional services that can assist you in building a new class of rich web applications for both desktop and mobile enterprise environments. ICEsoft service consultants deliver outstanding value and are capable of addressing every aspect of your project lifecycle. You can find more information here.
For more information on ICEfaces EE 4.0, the EE Mobile Device Simulator, ICEfaces Services or BridgeIt don’t hesitate to contact
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