Enhanced rendering capabilities with ICEpdf
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ICEpdf: Now With Enhanced Asian Font Capabilities

ICEpdf is an open source, Java-based PDF rendering and extraction engine for viewing, editing and extracting data from PDF documents. It is lightweight, fast, and very easy to integrate within third party applications.

ICEpdf can be used as a stand-alone Java PDF viewer, seamlessly embedded within any desktop Java application, or deployed as a Servlet to be accessed from within a web-application.

ICEpdf has been successfully deployed by thousands of enterprises to provide a wide variety of PDF viewing and content-extraction capabilities within their own applications.

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New Asian Font Rendering

With its latest release, ICEpdf Pro has established itself as the industry leader when it comes to accurately rendering Asian fonts and glyphs.

If your application has a requirement for displaying, printing, or viewing PDF documents with Asian fonts you will want to check out ICEpdf Pro!

To experience first hand, a real-time demonstration of our Asian font rendering check out our demo.

Online Demo

Need Urgent Support Or Access To The Latest Bug Fixes? Go Pro!

We often get asked as to when particular bugs might be addressed or made available in open source. At ICEsoft it is our general policy to service our paying customers ahead of our open source community members. Bug fixes and feature requests from commercial clients are typically prioritized to the head of the line, and made available to our clients as patch releases in our ICEpdf Pro offering.

Bug fixes and feature enhancements suitable for open-source are made available in the next community release, which typically occurs every 1-3 months. So if ICEpdf is meeting your requirements from a feature and function perspective that’s great. But if you have an urgent bug fix or feature enhancement you require you might want to consider speaking with to see if we can assist in getting you a solution that better meets your timeline.

What’s Next For ICEpdf?

Over the past year the product has seen significant development, ranging from the addition of annotation editors to delivering >10X performance improvements on very large file rendering times. So what’s next?

Our spring development cycle will be focussing on adding:

  • Forms Capability: Modifying the viewer engine so that it can accommodate PDF forms for capture and display.
  • Digital Signatures: So that files can be locked and digitally signed.

Stay tuned. We will be providing updates as the release draws closer.

And Beyond That?

Further out into the summer we were intending to step outside the “PDF Viewer” domain and explore opportunities in form generation. Our personal experience with other third party solutions has been less than ideal. We have some interesting ideas on how we might be able to deliver a simpler and more convenient service to our PDF community, and we are interested in trying it out.

At this time we are looking for potential lead customers that might be willing to give us feedback on our approach and proposed initial feature set. If you are interested in doing so, please don’t hesitate to reach out to They won’t bite!

If you have any questions or wish to consult with a technical expert please contact with your request - we are happy to assist!

USA and Canada 1-877-263-3822   Other Countries 1-403-663-3322

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