"But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me,
I will come forth as gold."
     Job 23:10

                                                                      September 2015

Thank you for praying and for continuing to read our Nica News!  If you're up to date on our happenings  you'll know that we've been trying to reach a goal!  Well.............. we must report to you that we did NOT reach our September goal of 25% financial partners and ............................. we have SURVIVED!  hahaha!  
So, now we're waiting to get to 25% AND looking ahead to our January goal of 50%!  We know that if we  don't meet OUR goals we just need to persevere as God works on our character! As we run our race looking toward the Cross, God will provide, in His time, every heart that desires to partner with the Strong Family and His work in Nicaragua.  Check out our praises and prayer requests to see what's been going on and how you can pray!  We are SO thankful for each and every one of you!

Waiting to serve,
Serving while waiting
The Strong Family ~ Chad & Rachel 


  • Monthly Financial Partners 
    3 NEW Partners this month!
  • O & P (Outfit & Passage) 
    2 NEW Partners gave us a Total of $250 this month!  
  • Training
    Rachel completed her 8 day training in the Methods of Bible Study,  down in Harrisburg at the ABWE campus.  
  • Ladies Advance
    Praise the Lord for the opportunity Rachel had to encourage women at this years Ladies Advance.
  • Churches
    We booked 3 more churches, giving us a very busy October & November
  • House Work
    We HAVE A BATHROOM!  Two to be exact!  Work is coming along
  • Lily's Blood Work
    Our little Lily has had an un-diagnosed blood disorder for 5 years, enduring a bone marrow extraction looking for cancer and disease
    and multiple other tests..... to no avail.  To make a long story short, after her regular pediatrician's help in ordering different tests and exploring other possibilities we discovered that she had several  food allergies.  We radically changed her diet and for the first time in her life she has a normal white blood cell count!  Praise the LORD!
  • ABWE Pre-Fielders
    We had some missionary pre-fielders join us for a weekend and had a blast catching up and encouraging one another!
  • Wesley & Kingdom Air Corps
    Wesley traveled with Dwayne King to Russia for a week.  He had the opportnity to fly a small plane while there.  He had a great time and arrived safely back in Alaska.
"Exciting Bible study gringas teaching...passing on our teaching time to two of the ladies in the group. Prayers for them as they impart the Word."
ABWE Missionary ~ Carmen Heffner 


  • Chad's Mom Doreen 
    Please pray for Doreen as she goes through treatment for her breast cancer
  • Training
    We hope to accomplish our Major World Religions Worldview Analysis.  This will take several hours of research
    We have registered for another on ABWE campus training in June.  It is a 2 week class and  costs $1,000.  Pleas pray that we  will stay the course with all that we have to do!  We are waiting for another registration to open up for the last class we will need.  
  • Family
    Homeschooling!  Enough said there!  haha!
    The hearts of our children to be protected and encouraged
    That our marriage would be as fired up as our call to missions!
    Family fun time!
  • TIME for developing ministry partners
  • Pray for the missionaries already serving in Nicaragua
  • Pray as we present our mission to 3 different churches in October!  So excited to see who we'll meet!

If you've been praying and have been led to partner with us financially CLICK HERE for monthly support sign-up and CLICK HERE to give a one time donation toward our O&P!  Get started today and help us reach our New goal of 50% by January!!!!!!  You can commit to ANY amount and you can choose a start date of any time!  Your commitment will help us reach 100% so we can leave for the field!
Pre-Field Update:
Financial Partnerships:
Goal: $8,235 ......... 
Outfit & Passage: 

Goal: $57,500 ....... 38%

January 2016  
Monthly Partners 50%

May 2016 
Monthly Partners 75%

June 2016  
4 Week Training

July 2016 
2 Week Training

October 2016 
Monthly Partners 85%

November 2016 
2 Week Training

December 2016 
Monthly Partners 100%
Off to language school

January 2017 
Begin Language School
December 2017 
Finish Language School

January 2018 
Leave for Nicaragua
Sending Church:
West Windsor Baptist Church
Pastor Brian King

Phone: 607-775-0015

Our mailing address is:
Chad & Rachel Strong
25 Barnes Road 
Windsor, NY 13865

Phone: 607-231-1575
Chad & Rachel Strong
Pre-field missionaries with ABWE (Association of Baptists for Worldwide Evangelism) to the field of Nicaragua.