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ABWE Missionary Richard Woughter & Pastor Luis at the closing of the property in La Concha for the church of Fuente de Vida.
New STAIRS at Fuente de Vida! Thanks to one of the MANY mission teams from the US!
It's Official!
July 17th ABWE Missionary Recognition Service
New church plant in the home of ABWE Missionary Family, the Doyles. The Doyles live on the border of the Ministry Center in a large Nicaraguan community.
Marco Parrales teaching at the new church plant.



  • July 2nd 
    Pastor Luis signed the papers taking posession of the property in LaConcha for the church palnt Fuente De Vida (Fountain of Life) Baptist Church! What a glorious day!  Thank you for praying!
  • July 12th 
    Shared our ministry with the congregation of Trinity Assembly of God church in Nicholson PA. What an encouragement they were!
  • July 17th
    Attended the ABWE Missionary Recognition Service with our Pastor Brian King and his wife Judy. It was a fantastic, memorable time and the message given to us by ABWE President, Jim O'Neil was heart felt and challenging. 
    Our son Wesley turned 20!
  • July 18th - 19th 
    Went to ABWE Harrisburg for our training in Good Soil.  This was great!  We learned how to share the stories of the Bible chronologically in a way that's easy to understand and clearly communicates the Gospel.   
  • July 20th - 23rd
    Attended the ME (Missionary Enrichment) Conference in McLean Virginia.  The whole herd was up for this one and WOW was it amazing! We heard fantastic messages and shared in recognizing many of God's people in their missionary service from 10 to 35 years!  The kids had their own things to do every day and made friendships with other Kid Missionaries that will last a lifetime! 
  • God's People!
    Our friends and families have been so supportive.  We are so thankful for the Body of Christ at West Windsor and the way they love us!  We've been blessed to have shared our ministry with several individuals who have decided to partner with us in ministry.
  • God's Love!
    God is with us and helping us to become more like Him everyday!  The journey may be difficult but we are so blessed to have such confidence in a Mighty God 


Ministry Partners Needed!

  • Ministry Partners!  
    Our FIRST goal Deadline is HERE!  We want to reach  25% by September!
    To reach that goal, we need......
                 1 Church      @ $250
                 2 Individuals @ $100  
                 3 Individuals @ $50  
                 1 Individual   @ $40

                 3 Individuals @ $30
                 3 Individuals @ $25
                 4 Individuals @ $20
                 4 Individuals @ $10
  • Nica Team Members
    The Nica team has been hosting groups of ALL sizes this summer.  They have been passing out baby chicks, repairing and building homes, hosting medical clinics and so much more.  Pray for their encouragement and perseverance.
  • Fuente de Vida
    Now that they own the property, pray that the money needed to build the church will be provided.
  • New Church Plant!
    Vistas del Momotombo Iglesia Bautista La Gracia (Grace Baptist Church of Vistas del Momotombo) 
    WOW!!!! New church plant begun by the Doyle and Woughter families and Nicaraguan Marco Parrales. Marco Parrales was a teenager that attended an ABWE church plant started by Andy Large many years ago. He came to camp at the ABWE Ministry Center where he got saved. He went to Word of Life Bible Institute and graduated. He is married with 2 small children and he is now working at the Center as the Nicaraguan camp director.
  • Our Family
    Normal family life things!  We need a balance of work, fun and ministy 
  • Sanity!
    With Chad working full time and all that comes along with life, we could use some of this!
  • Homeschool preparations 
    Rachel has to get the new year organized