October 2015

Hope you've had a great Sunday!  We have had a great MONTH of Sundays, presenting our ministry to three different churches!  
We've been down in Pennsylvania to Kingsley Community Church, out to Sherman Bible Chapel in Chad's hometown of Deposit and to  Port Crane Baptist, just in our backyard, for a Missions Conference and everywhere we've gone ........ there's been a ton of love!

We can't imagine how everything will come together to get us to the field, but we know that God has called us and therefore He will provide a way!  We love watching God at work! Thank you SO much for praying for us and being a part of this adventure!  How is God working in your life?  We pray that you are seeing Him at work THROUGH you and in those around you!
Waiting to serve,
Serving while waiting
The Strong Family ~ Chad & Rachel 

"Praise be to God, who has not rejected my prayer 
or withheld his love from me!"  Psalm 66:20


  • Monthly Financial Partners 
    1 NEW Partner this month!  A special young women from one of the women's events  has partnered with us!
  • O & P (Outfit & Passage) 
    The churches we visited this month were so generous!  We received almost $2,000 in love offerings!  We are just haulin' on our O & P!  Praise the Lord for His work! 
  • Ladies Ministry
    Our church hosted a very successful ladies Taste & See event.
    Rachel's been invited to speak at a Women's Event in Danbury Texas in February!   We will be traveling down for that and will be presenting our ministry to a church on the Sunday we're there! God's Word, Tex Mex, Bar-B-Que, Family and GREAT Friends!  It doesn't get much better than that!  Thank you Jesus for this opportunity!
  • Wesley & Kingdom Air Corps
    Wesley flew into the Arctic Circle, safely, with a dozen others for a weekend visit with the children from the villages that they have at their summer camp.
"Exciting Bible study gringas teaching...passing on our teaching time to two of the ladies in the group. Prayers for them as they impart the Word."
ABWE Missionary ~ Carmen Heffner 


  • Chad's Mom, Doreen ~ Breast Cancer
    She will endure 6 weeks of radiation treatments
  • Training / Reports
    We have reports to do and books to read!  Pray that we can keep all this going!
  • Family
    Pray that God would strengthen our love for one another.   
  • Presentations
    Encouraging God's people in 3 churches in November ...... the ONE most exciting??????  My "FedEx Man's" Church!  If you haven't read our testimony, CLICK HERE to read it now and see why we're so super, oober excited!  (you can tell who is writing this newsletter right? :)  haha! )
  • Shawna ~ The Hand Family
    Our daughter and her family will welcome our newest Grand sometime in November!
  • Wesley ~ Kingdom Air Corps
    Please pray our son home in November.  Wesley will be flying a Cessna 172 from Alaska to Fresno California the first week in November.  Wesley's buddy, Austin has made the journey North to accompany him on the adventure!  They should arrive home, in New York, November 17th flying commercially from Fresno!

If you've been praying and have been led to partner with us financially CLICK HERE for monthly support sign-up and CLICK HERE to give a one time donation toward our O&P!  Get started today and help us reach our New goal of 50% by January!!!!!!  You can commit to ANY amount and you can choose a start date of any time!  Your commitment will help us reach 100% so we can leave for the field!
Pre-Field Update:
Financial Partnerships:
Goal: $8,235 ......... 
Outfit & Passage: 

Goal: $57,500 ....... 38%

January 2016  
Monthly Partners 50%

May 2016 
Monthly Partners 75%

June 2016  
4 Week Training

July 2016 
2 Week Training

October 2016 
Monthly Partners 85%

November 2016 
2 Week Training

December 2016 
Monthly Partners 100%
Off to language school

January 2017 
Begin Language School
December 2017 
Finish Language School

January 2018 
Leave for Nicaragua

Sending Church:
West Windsor Baptist Church
Pastor Brian King

Phone: 607-775-0015

Our mailing address is:
Chad & Rachel Strong
25 Barnes Road 
Windsor, NY 13865

Phone: 607-231-1575
Chad & Rachel Strong
Pre-field missionaries with ABWE (Association of Baptists for Worldwide Evangelism) to the field of Nicaragua.