Nica News ~ The Strong Family

Bowls from the feeding center begun by ABWE missionaries Mark & Jen Holsinger.  Each child brings a plastic bowl and cup.
May 31st, 2015
Baptism with Dr. Mark Henzler & Pastor Luis at La Concha.
The Strong Family
The entrance to the 162 acre ABWE Ministry Center.  Many ministry opportunities take place here.
ABWE missionaries Mark & Jen Holsinger leading music at Rayitos Feeding Center
Come WITH US to Nicaragua by partnering with us!  Check out our website for ways to partner with us.


God's Call was Confirmed!

  • May 13th -18th we traveled down to Niaragua for a "Survey Trip" and WOW did we have a great time seeing ALL that God is doing down there!
  • Countless ministry opportunities!  We are so excited to be heading to an area where there is so much work to be done!  There will be many opportunities for individuals and teams to come serve on projects.  
  • $10,000  gift toward our "O & P" Praise the Lord that someone has partnered with us with this one time gift!  They will MATCH one time gifts that come in until September 2015 up to $10,000!
  • $500 monthly support partner!
  • 8 men came to Christ!  May 23rd Pastor Luis, a national pastor trained at the Institute of Church Planters, hosted a baseball outreach at the ABWE Ministry Center and 8 men made decisions for Christ!
  • 7 people Baptized!  May 31st, 7 people were baptized at the mountainous church plant of La Concha! 


Praying for Partners to GET US THERE!

  • Support Partners!  Our FIRST goal .... 25% by September 2015.  To reach that goal, we need......
                  3 Churches @ $250
                 5 Individuals @ $100  
                 5 Individuals @ $50  
                 5 Individuals @ $40

               10 Individuals @ $30
  • TIME and ENERGY to accomplish all we need to do!  Chad is holding down his job and together we're holding down the fort!  
  • Training KCT Training on-line for 3 weeks.  An hour an a half 4 days a week with 20 hours of "homework" per week starting June 8th. We head back down to ABWE headquarters for our Good Soil Training July 17th through 19th.  The kids join us for the ME Conference in Washington DC July 20th through 23rd.