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The Youth and Family Development Initiative
Campaign Updates: New Groomer, Double Hut, Awareness Events
FAQ of the Month: Youth Programs
Upcoming MRG Events

The Youth & Family Development Initiative

Kids & families need Mad River more than ever

As we have mentioned in previous issues, the Mad River Glen Board of Trustees and management have identified four key areas of need to be addressed by the campaign: Mountain Preservation; Skier Safety & Services; Youth & Family Development; and Community Preservation. This issue, we'll focus on the third initiative.

Mad River race program.Strong children's programs are essential to the future of Mad River Glen, and currently serve 300 kids every year with a staff of 80. Mad River Glen pioneered programs that not only produce great skiers, they also build a deep appreciation for the outdoors, an independent spirit, and friendships for life. For families, participation in the kid's programs is often one of the highlights of their Mad River experience. Powder Magazine has named Mad River Glen as "the best place to grow up skiing," and Ski School Director Terry Barbour has received leadership awards from the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America). It's a testament to Mad River's legendary terrain and strong programs that skiers from a relatively small mountain have achieved victories on the Freeride World Tour, and been selected to the US Ski Team. 

Today, Mad River Glen's children’s programs are limited by overcrowded and worn facilities, with a Base Box lunch area that is inadequate for the number of kids the programs serves. The Youth and Family Development initiative proposes an expansion of the Ski School area in the Base Box so that our programs can achieve their mission in a more effective manner. Renovations to the Birdcage, including a new deck, more reliable water supply, and bathroom upgrades, will provide a better on-mountain facility for children’s programs, helping to bring more traffic to the Birdland area and relieve pressure on the Base Box. The leadership of the Mad River Glen Cooperative has determined that the minimum amount needed to fund the Youth & Family Development Initiative is $1,067,000.

Our March issue will cover the last initiative, Community Preservation. We welcome your comments and thoughts about the campaign at  

MRG Ski School in action

Campaign Updates

New GroomerThe Preserve Our Paradise campaign reached a significant milestone in December when the Cooperative made its first major purchase for the Mountain Preservation Initiative – a PistenBulley 400 grooming machine to be funded with year-end gifts in 2015 and anticipated gifts in 2016. The "new to us" groomer replaces one of Mad River's two existing PistenBulleys, which are now two decades old and are becoming increasingly expensive to operate. The other groomer is slated to be replaced a bit later in the campaign. 

The new Double Patrol/Warming HutThe new patrol/warming hut at the top of the double chair is now finished, thanks to a Stark Mountain Foundation grant which funded the construction materials. The building was constructed entirely with donated labor by forty volunteers, primarily from the Ski Patrol. The project shows how the spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy can come together, demonstrating a new way forward for Mad River Glen.

The Campaign Cabinet has been presenting periodic awareness events to various groups around New England over the course of the last few months. In early December, over fifty people gathered at the University Club in Boston to hear a presentation about the campaign, participate in a question and answer session, and enjoy an engaging hour of socializing with fellow Mad River Glen lovers. A week later, volunteers traveled to New Jersey to bring members of the Ramapo Mountain Ski Club up to date on the campaign. Volunteers will continue to meet with small groups over the course of the winter as we build the campaign and solicit feedback on the work to date. 

FAQ of the Month

Do the children’s programs really pay off for us in the future?

Yes, unquestionably. Kids programs are the foundation of the future and build loyal Mad River Glen skiers for life. Mad River innovated the program of free skiing for kids, and the concept was quickly adopted by mainstream ski areas as they recognized the overall business value of the program. Kids programs also bring the rest of the family to the mountain to ski and purchase mountain services, providing current benefits to the mountain.

Why do we need more space for the Ski School program when it’s only really crowded on weekends?

In essence, kids programs are primarily weekend programs, and the current ski school area is overcrowded and run-down. Often the ski school cannot accommodate walk-on kids in addition to kids enrolled in the full season programs. If, as we believe, supporting kids programs is vitally important to the mission and future of Mad River Glen, that means supporting the capability to handle our weekend programs in an effective manner. 

Kids Easter Parade

Upcoming MRG Events

January 18
Mad River Glen Family Tournament

January 23
Junior Unconventional Terrain Competition

January 30
Co-op's 20th Anniversary Grand Soire, 7 pm

February 6 
Co-op Board of Trustees Meeting, 5 pm

February 13 
Women's Telemark Clinic

February 20-22
Triple Crown Competition

March 5
Junior Mogul Challenge

March 12
Co-op Board of Trustees Meeting, 5 pm

More info at Mad River Glen's Event Calendar
Campaign Cabinet

Chair: Annika Holtan    Members at Large: Lars Bruns, Bob Dillon, Jim Elkind, Meg Hourihan, Betsy Jondro, Karen Lloyd, John Nesbett, Pamela Nesbett, Eric Palola, Penny Parson, Greg Scott, Debra Steines, John Stetson, John Tobin, Brooks Ware, Jamey Wimble
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