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Campaign update
Summer at Mad River Glen
FAQ of the month: Ways of Giving
Upcoming MRG events

Campaign update

These days the warmth of summer has settled on Stark Mountain, the trails are traversed by hikers rather than skiers, and skiing is far from our thoughts (well, at least for some of us). However, rest assured that the campaign is continuing to move forward behind the scenes in a purposeful and organized manner.

Fundraising solicitation efforts over the past year and a half have focused mainly on individuals close to Mad River Glen, including Board of Trustees members, Finance Committee members, volunteers, staff, and other individuals close to the mountain. That effort is in its final stages, and the campaign is now moving into the next phase which involves reaching out to a wider group of prospects. To lead this effort, which has been dubbed the "Leadership Division," eight volunteer chairs have been recruited, including Bear Albright, Lars Bruns, Gib & Sarah Carey, Jim Elkind, Annika Holtan, Karen Lloyd Martin & Tom Martin, Ned Nunes, and Deb Steines & Bob Rogers. Each of these dedicated volunteers is in turn recruiting additional volunteers who will solicit their own personal contacts, thus creating a continually expanding network for the campaign.

We are still actively building this phase of the campaign and your suggestions for volunteers and prospects are welcome! Please send any suggestions to

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and we thank all of you for your support as we work towards securing a solid future for Mad River Glen!

Summer at Mad River Glen

It's a longstanding Mad River Glen tradition to have a presence at the famous Warren Fourth of July Parade. True to the lively nature of the event, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was lucky enough to have a photo op with our own General Stark, and there were even a few signs protesting Mad River's ban on snowboards. 

The practice slope

Meanwhile, behind the scenes at the mountain, a great deal of unexciting but essential work goes on every summer to ensure that the mountain runs smoothly once the snow flies (as we're sure it will in great quantities this coming winter). In the pictures below, Nate Martin (white shirt) and Chuck Martin (dark shirt) are working on the practice slope chair sheaves (the wheels that carry the cable on each tower). The sheaves are checked every year and the rubber guides and bearings are replaced if they are worn.

Like many Mad River Glen employees, both Nate and Chuck have worked for the mountain for many years. Nate's first job at MRG was hand mowing in 1974, for which he was paid a whopping $2.50/hour, which at the time seemed like decent money. Back then, all the employees had to help with the mowing, including management and office staff. Chuck has worked full time for Mad River Glen since 1980 after starting as a seasonal employee in the winter. It's the dedication of our loyal employees that keep our lifts running reliably and safely.

MRG lift work.

General Stark's pub is open for expanded hours this summer, with a new menu featuring burgers on Thursday, fish fry on Fridays, prime rib on Saturdays, plus brunch and dinner on Sundays. Come in, get some good grub and liquids, and partake of the MRG community vibe year round!

FAQ of the month: What are the ways to give?

When we think of donating to the campaign, most of us immediately think of a cash donation, but there are many other options to give as well. Our campaign partner, the Stark Mountain Foundation (SMF), is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 public charity. This means that supporters can donate almost any type of asset and gifts will provide the maximum tax benefits allowed by law.  

Cash, check or credit card:  Donations provide immediate campaign support at any time or on a recurring basis. You can currently donate online at

Recurring or multi-year pledges: For those interested in giving more to help the campaign reach its objectives, you can pledge to make regular payments over a five year period.

Securities: Donating appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds may provide you with significant tax benefits.

Real estate, life tenancy, and personal property: Real property, such as a vacation home, may be given to support the campaign as an outright gift or the donor may prefer to retain the right to occupy the property for life. Personal property such as paintings and cars can also make excellent gifts.

Bequests and retirement plans: A bequest enables you to make a significant donation without diminishing the assets available to you during your lifetime and may also be a wise tax strategy.

Life insurance: You can transfer ownership of a paid-up life insurance policy to SMF or make a gift by naming SMF as the owner and sole beneficiary of a new policy. Both methods of giving may have significant tax savings.

Planned gifts of advised funds or trusts: Please contact campaign staff to discuss the many options available for a planned gift.

We hope that each and every one of you will carefully consider the most effective way for you to help the campaign. We encourage you to contact our campaign leaders to talk about your gift. Thank you for your consideration!

Rope drop.

Upcoming MRG events

General Stark's Pub is open Thursday-Sunday, 4:30-8:30 pm, plus Sunday Brunch from 10 am - 2 pm

August 6 & 13
Mountain work days. 
9 am - 3:30 pm

September 10
Co-op Board of Trustees Meeting, 8 am

September 24-25
Fall foliage chairlift lift rides, 10:00 am - 2:30 pm
Brewers Fest, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

October 1
Green and Gold weekend:
Fall foliage chairlift lift rides, 10:00 - 2:30
Stark Mountain Hill Climb Running Race, 10:00 am
Shareholder Town Meeting, 5:00 pm

October 2
Green and Gold weekend:
Fall foliage chairlift lift rides, 10:00 am - 2:30 pm
Allen Clark Memorial Hill Climb Bike Race, 10:00 am
Chicken BBQ, 11:30 am

More info at Mad River Glen's Event Calendar
Campaign Cabinet

Chair: Annika Holtan    Members at Large: Lars Bruns, Bob Dillon, Jim Elkind, Meg Hourihan, Betsy Jondro, Karen Lloyd, John Nesbett, Pamela Nesbett, Eric Palola, Penny Parson, Greg Scott, Debra Steines, John Stetson, John Tobin, Brooks Ware, Jamey Wimble
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