The future is Young - Invest in it before it's too late!
“We usually expect the government to do everything for us; we must realize that the government cannot take care of everything. Youth must take responsibility.”  - Youth Consultations Bunni Uper Chitral 

Are you ready to take responsibility?

Get Involved
We have reached out to youth groups all over Pakistan - covering Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, FATA, Gilgit- Baltistan & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, to make National Human Development Report 2015  "By the Youth and for the Youth". We are committed to bringing more on-the-ground youth voices, from all genders, ethnicity and religions; by engaging youth-led organizations, young leaders, civil society members, students and young professionals. We want these like-minded people to facilitate us in running voluntarily independent conversations with the youth. Read more…
Volunteer to Make A Difference
Are you patriotic person? A Pakistani by heart? Between the age of 18 to 29 years? Do you feel the urge to make a positive difference in your country? Do you want to make a difference? Do you passionately feel you want to work voluntarily for the benefit of your country? Yes? Then come join hands with us, with our Jawan Pakistan platform. Bring change by becoming the agents of change – by joining Jawan Pakistan’s Raza Kars (RKs) programme. For more details click here.
View our Journey with Youth
Enlightening is the word that would correctly describe the journey of NHDR process since the time it began. Our journey from one region to other has revolved around interesting interactive discussions with youth. Going around the country meeting vibrant & young passionate people and getting their viewpoints on the issues they faced, has been a wonderful experience. View our eventful journey here and read interesting insights here...
Multi-Stakeholders’ Coalitions and Engagement
We have been partnering with experts from diverse fields; government, academia, policy makers, researchers, think tanks, youth-led organizations and development practitioners to gain from their significant experience and expertise in youth related issues. Over the course of time, these partnerships have enabled us to reach an all-encompassing understanding of the youth empowerment issues and potential solutions. Simultaneously, through these partnerships we have also gained support of like-minded peers who are willing to advocate for youth empowerment in Pakistan even after the report launch. Read more...
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