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Advocacy Alert 

KIPDA's 5- and 20-Year Master Plans

Hello Fellow Advocates!
KIPDA is currently seeking feedback on two of its plans for the Louisville region, and we want to encourage you to weigh in! The last day to provide input is Friday, February 7, so don’t wait too long to give your input!

And to help you do just that, we’ve created this handy FAQ with answers. 

What is KIPDA?
KIPDA is the regional planning agency responsible for Louisville and surrounding areas. These agencies are called MPOs — Metropolitan Planning Organizations. By law, KIPDA receives a share of federal transportation dollars based on the population of our region. The funding for just about all of the transportation projects that happen in Louisville goes through KIPDA.

What are the two plans?
One is the 5-year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP). The other is a 20-year Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). Here’s a map of the projects being proposed for the TIP. And here’s a map of the MTP projects.

I took a look at those maps and, wow, that’s totally overwhelming. I definitely don’t have time to make sense of all of it. Can you tell me what you think of the plans?
Sure! Here are some thoughts:

Louisville Metro Government is moving forward with a number of good projects that will be great for walk- and bikeability in downtown Louisville: two-way conversions in NuLu, a redesign of Market Street, a revamping of the Story/Main intersection. Metro is also leading efforts to redesign the Olmsted Parkways system, which could be amazing.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the funding in the two plans (we’re talking like 99%) is slated to go to expensive highway projects that will further suburban sprawl. KYTC, the state transportation agency, is responsible for most of these kinds of projects in the plans, though Metro Government has its hands in some as well.

For example, KYTC’s top priority for Louisville/Jefferson County is a $220 million expansion of I-71. Yikes! 

Projects like these are terrible for the environment and disasters for public health, as well as an irresponsible, unsustainable use of public funds. Why we as a city and state keep investing in projects like these in the face of climate change, budget shortages, and poor community health is truly a mystery.

Okay, so the plans are mostly terrible, with a sprinkling of some good thrown in. Anything else I should know before I give feedback?
Yes. Here’s a Twitter thread with some more extensive, project-by-project feedback. We encourage you to check it out!

Okay, I’m ready to give my feedback. How do I do that?
There are a few ways to give feedback. 

You can give project-by-project feedback through these two apps: 
TIP (5-year plan) | MTP (20-year plan)

Or you can fill out a general response form for either plan here:
TIP (5-year plan) | MTP (20-year plan)

Is there anything else I can do to make transportation options in Louisville more people-friendly?
Yes, actually! You can contact your state legislator and state senator. Here’s a map that can help you identify who that is and how to contact them. These folks will be vetting KYTC’s transportation budget over the next few months. We encourage you to ask them as nicely as you possibly can to pressure KYTC to include funding for projects in Louisville’s urban core — like, say, the Bardstown Road redesign or two-way conversions in urban neighborhoods like Shelby Park, Old Louisville, and Portland. 


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