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Good morning B4Lers!
Lots going on in the bike-advocacy world. Here's a quick rundown of the things we're pushing for this week to make Louisville more bike friendly.

Lexington Road Safety Project
This project's final public meeting is tonight at 6:00pm at Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana (2115 Lexington Rd). Last week, we shared a project plan from the website with three striping options for the corridor. Unfortunately, in the time since, our preferred treatment (5-foot bike lanes, 3-foot buffers) has been removed as an option. The only option currently being presented is for 4-foot bike lanes and 2-foot buffers.

Our take: meh. Not bad, but not great. Considering the goals of the project and the city's stated interest in "complete streets", it's somewhat surprising that they're moving forward with a project for 12-foot driving lanes (which will encourage speeding) and narrow, curb-side bike lanes (which will be inviting only to more experienced cyclists and which will almost definitely get filled with debris). 

We encourage you to come out tonight to see Metro's full proposal, hear their reasoning, and (of course) express your thoughts!

Support B4L

Support B4L (part 1)
Bike Everywhere Month is in full effect! Snag some gear at the B4L Etsy store to support our mission of complete street safety for all! Hoodies, posters, t-shirts, (and free stickers)!

Support Funding for Two-Way Conversions! 
We went to a Metro Council budget meeting last week to advocate for funding for two-way conversions. And we want to encourage you can do the same!

We encourage you to contact the Mayor's Office and to find (and then email) your council member here. Tell them (nicely) that two-ways are good for public safety, public health, quality housing, and quality of life! Oh, and bikeability too! ... There's direct funding for sidewalk repairs, street repaving, and bike lanes. Two-ways should be funded as well!

Support the city's only advocacy non-profit that's had a hand in creating over 30 miles of bike lanes and 50 miles of neighborways and successfully advocated for more than $1.5 million in bike funding!

While we're stoked to see so many bike projects coming onto the road this spring, the curb-side bike lanes continue to be a problem.

(1) Because street sweeping is so irregular, they often fill with debris.
(2) Because parking enforcement is bad, cars are often parked in them.

We're seeing these problems especially near UofL (Hill Street, 4th Street, Cardinal Boulevard) and encourage you to (politely!) contact the city's Bike Louisville department to ask for a more regular lane sweeping schedule (say, once a month? every other week?) and for better enforcement of illegal parking in bike lanes. 

Support B4L (part 2)
Here's a brief list of projects where we've proposed a bike treatment that's made its way to the road:
Hill Street (First to Preston). Protective bollards on Kentucky and Breckinridge. Floyd Street (Broadway to Waterfront Park). 50+ miles of neighborways. 12th/13th Street (Broadway to Market). W Jefferson Street (12th to 26th). Ali and Chestnut (6th to 13th).

And the list will keep growing this spring with Barret/Castlewood in the Highlands and the Lexington Road project. 

If you want to continue to see projects like this, we need your support. Please donate here:

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