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You Are Enough



BIG words.
My guess.... you rarely feel like you are enough. 

Good enough. Rich enough. Loved enough. Thin enough. Kind enough. Smart enough. Happy enough.

We may have our moments of expansion and feeling at One with the Divine. But, if you're like me, you feel like you never get enough done. Trying to squeeze all the responsibilities into your day, week, month AND never having (okay taking) the time to nurture yourself or feel good about your life and all your accomplishments and blessings.

Living spiritually should be simple. We make it difficult, un-fun, a 'should' instead of ahhhh, Yes! That's who I am. Remembering to let the Divine take the lead takes constant practice.

Here's a little help.

This video came into my inbox today from Marie Forleo. Marie's content is always rich, helpful and inspiring. She's a great leader, teacher and person. Today her interview with Colleen-Saidman-Yee is comforting and her words are a much needed reminder. The video also allows us to see and hear from both of these successful women how very human they are.... Doubts, worry, fear can haunt them too. They press on, reconnect with Spirit and share their gifts with the world.

You are enough. Connect quietly with the Divine that is within you. Stretch yourself. Do a little inner yoga.

Happy June!


Two links; one is to Marie's site, the other is YouTube video only. Enjoy the video.

Marie Forleo Interviews Colleen-Saidman-Yee
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