Relationships, Prayers & An Opportunity from Venus
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Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the energy you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.
- Albert Einstein
Said another way....

Act as if. 

Always remember to invite in the Divine and ask...

This or something better manifests for me, for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Venus Gives Us an Opportunity

While Venus does go retrograde, as my friend Maria speaks about in her weekend Newsletter (there's an excerpt below), I want to remind you to engage Spirit during this possibly turbulent time. I'm offering up a few prayers to help you through some of the unsettled feelings you might be experiencing.

If you're like me, focusing over the last few days has been difficult and inspiration lacking. Be kind to yourselves, but also remember this is a good time (opportunity) to do some personal work around relationships and money.
A prayer from Tosha Silver's book Change Me Prayers:
Change me Divine Beloved into One who trusts that the highest is always happening and all unfolds in the best way. May I be a vehicle for the miraculous and live purely with positive intent.
A Morning Prayer From Me:
Heavenly Father, Blessed Mother help me to be a clear and open channel this day, to receive the information you have for me that it is for my highest good. Help me to follow your guidance knowing it is for the best possible good of all. Use me as the highest expression of you. 
As you work on and possibly release relationships remember to use some release prayers and loving kindness prayers: I release you... Please release me... May you be happy, may you be peaceful. 
And then include yourself: May I be happy, may I be peaceful. 

Don't forget to breathe as you pray....
Finally, one of my faves from Gay Hendricks:
I expand in abundance, success, joy and love everyday, as I inspire those around me to do the same.
The effort you put in now will bring great rewards. Don't shy away from experiencing the temporary emotional pain or discomfort or doing the difficult work. Those feelings will not last and as you say goodbye or 'No' to someone else, you're saying hello and yes to yourself and stepping into your becoming.  Know that. Remember... if better is to come, good must stand aside.
Blessings to you all.
Astro News
By Maria Shaw
Today right after midnight,we had a FIRST QUARTER MOON and the Sun formed a square with the Moon. During any First Quarter Moon, there is usually a crisis either in the news or personally. 
On a personal level, we may have our own little crisis this weekend and feel we must jump to take action. If you react to something without thinking now, you will have ramifications to deal with before the month is up. So think before you act.
 People born around
 July 18-22 
 April 17-20 
 October 18-22
January 17-20 will be most affected. 
Also the following birthday periods will also be more anxious
 than usual or have to deal with something unpleasant this weekend too. 
 April 21-25 
 July 23-27 
 October 23-28
 January 20-25
The Moon is in steamy Scorpio and trine to Neptune tonight so it's a very romantic, sexy night but also great for psychic impressions and dreaming. Write down the dreams you have overnight. Also someone who has passed over, may come visit you in a dream.
Venus stations and turns retrograde Saturday morning until September 6th. With the shift today and Uranus also approaching its retrograde station, you may feel a little weird or out of sorts. Use your grounding stones like red jasper, hematite and black tourmaline to keep you calm. 
Mars squares Uranus Saturday morning so be careful of unexpected arguments and don't push restrictions on your mate. This is not a time to be bossy or tell someone what to do. Otherwise there could be a big fight explode out of nowhere.
I've been writing a lot about Venus retrograde which begins July 25 and runs through September 6. As you've heard, many relationships in Hollywood are ending. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced their divorce this week. Many people are rethinking relationships and finances. But this period doesn't mean everything is going to be bad. In fact, it can be very good for gaining understanding in love and money.
Venus retrograde happens every 19 months and lasts 6 weeks.
This particular retrograde is in Virgo and then shoots back into Leo. Virgo is Venus' most challenging sign to be in, so whatever problem you have in love or money may be pretty daunting. Fortunately, Venus only stays in Virgo for a short time after she starts moving backwards; July 18 - 30. But there will be challenges from last week onward because of her placement. You may feel like there is money coming in and going out. On days like these, its good to practice the law of attraction, follow the money days in my moon calendar and write your LOA checks faithfully.
But there is some good news; August 7, Venus will start moving close to Uranus, and this visit could bring in unexpected money by August 19.
In regards to love, you may not see a RELATIONSHIP situation clearly in August or at least up until the middle of the new month. If you meet a new romantic attraction during this period, be cautious as this new person could be hiding something.
For other folks, it will be a time to go back to an old love. The entire scenario may take months to play out, but it could very likely put you back in good graces with a former lover. Someone from your past may be thinking a great deal about you. It is said if you dream of a former lover, they are thinking of you. Dreams are energy and so are thoughts. You think of someone, that thought is sent out into the Universe and hones in on its target. You receive it and that person pops into your head or in your dreams.
For some of you, Venus retrograde will be tough on any relationships that are bad to begin with. How many people do you know that try to make excuses for cheaters, liars and the like? They try to justify staying in bad relationships. Well, this is the time someone finally gives up and calls it quits for good.
Remember my warning; no cosmetic surgery or changing your "look" until September 6th. You can book with your current hairdresser and have the same things done but no new looks. 
Venus retrograde will give you a chance to review all of your partnerships, get things on track or end them once and for all. It will also give you a chance to review your budget and work closely on how best to save and spend money.  
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