The Suspense of Suspension and The Secret to Surrender.
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Were you able to see Jupiter and Venus in the sky last night? It was magical!


Secret to Surrender

Before we get to the Secret of Surrender I want to share an audio link from Tosha Silver about The Suspense of Suspension.
In it she speaks about the effects of the recent astrological aspects that we've all been feeling, but mostly she talks about surrendering. It’s only a few minutes long. Have a quick listen.
Being spiritual is a journey we’re all on. We walk the path every day and some days are definitely easier than others. We’re lucky if we can remember to listen, find, and follow the Divine breadcrumbs.
Today, when Tosha’s email  arrived in my inbox, and after listening to the link, I saw it as a message from the Divine. Thank you, Spirit!

How to Stop Resisting and Let the Divine Take the Lead...A Quick Story

To further illustrate both Tosha's point and mine, I’m sharing with you a glimpse of my day yesterday and why her email made me smile.
Our Internet was out all day yesterday. A big regional disconnect (sliced wires) orchestrated by some clever vandals was the culprit. So much of my work right now involves being online. However, Spirit sometimes throws us a curve ball and says “try this.”  
I’ve been trash talking technology recently, mostly how we’re constantly connected to our darned devices and the time suck they can be.  I guess I needed a reminder on how powerful our words are and to be grateful, positive, and a force of good instead of a negative Nelly. Point taken. BIG point taken.
Okay, I thought, I’ll flow with it. Well, that lasted not quite an hour and then resistance set in. I was feeling out of sorts and I tried to focus but couldn’t quite get-it-together. I was anxious as I’ve got projects that need to get done, headway I need to make, and I’ve been feeling like I’m running out of time (oh the ego it does make us spin). I got really tired. All this worry and negative self-talk is exhausting.
Then I reminded myself…yet again: Let the Divine take over. Surrender.
Ugh, why is it SO hard?
Resisting surrender is such work.
To add more pressure to the day (and week), Venus and Jupiter are in this incredible lucky aspect right now that we’re all supposed to take advantage of and make a BIG ask, take a leap…. And…. I’ve got NO CLUE who to ask, how to ask, and what to ask. Talk about feeling incompetent.  My mind is muddled with worry and overwhelmed with the pressure of this quickly passing aspect. (My ego is still hard at work and seemingly winning as you can see).
And then I remembered. Ask the Divine. Actually ask. So, I did. Relief flowed thorugh me almost instantly.
*Heavenly Father, Blessed Mother change me into someone who can really let you take the lead. Allow me to relax, breathe and allow things to reveal themselves in the right time.
Help me to know I’m guided by Divine Love.
Use me to be the highest expression of you.
Let my highest destiny unfold. Change me into One who fully trusts Your path for me.
Change me Divine Beloved into One who always allows the right assistance to arrive. I welcome your help in every way and take absolute delight in receiving it.
I am Yours.
You are Mine.
We are One.
All is well.
The Secret to Surrender? Don’t resist!  How do you stop resisting and let the Divine take the lead? ASK
Say a change me prayer,or just ask the Divine to help you to stop resisting. It sounds simple but it works.

I share this with you in case you find yourself in a similar situation. Take comfort and offer it over….really offer it. Then go do something nice for yourself.
*Prayers are from Tosha Silver’s books Change Me Prayers and Outrageous Openness.

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