Turbulence, Transition and Dreaming a New Dream
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Turbulence, Transition and Dreaming a New Dream

Turbulence. Everyone seems to be feeling it within and around us right now. You may know someone who’s transitioned from this world, or perhaps you’re experiencing personal loss, or maybe you’re feeling the loss and upset that’s happening around the world. Turbulence makes us all uncomfortable. It shakes everything up and is disruptive. It’s the sense of impending change that we know is coming and is pivotal.
You might also be going through some inner turbulence. This may be showing up as reviewing how life used to be, or delving into your personal past and re-experiencing loss and regrets over your life’s journey. Old stories may be showing up and demanding to be dealt with. What you know for sure is that it doesn’t feel good, but you’re not quite sure what to do. It’s hard to shake and even though you have lots of good in your life right now, uncertainty seeps in.
This is about birthing a new dream and a new way of being in the world.  Birthing something takes time. It is a process that cannot be rushed. The most difficult piece is the inner knowing and sparking the new dream. Right now you may be mourning the loss of an old way of living. Be with that. Let it inform you of what you don’t want. From that, you will begin to realize what you do want and how you’d like to see that manifest.
Listen to your inner self. Try not to over extend your commitments right now so you can rest and spend time allowing your dream to take seed. Have some fun. Pray. Remember to include the Divine in your dream and let Spirit guide you.
Divine Beloved, help me know your will for me and change me into someone who is open to your guidance.
It is during times of turbulence and uncertainty that we can reconnect with our inner Divine and listen. This is a time of wonder (I wonder what’s next for me?) and a time to let a new dream be born. You will be guided as to what actions to take. Follow the light. If something is your right next step it will feel good (even if it’s scary). It will be good scary and you’ll know the benefit will far out-weigh the fear. It may be something so simple you’ll think “how could I not have seen that before?” That’s okay, go with it. You’re ‘eyes’ weren’t ready to see it before and now they are.
I love this saying by Emile Coue: Every day in every way I get better and better and better.  If you say it every day, simply and clearly, 20 times in a row you will feel better and it will make a difference. It opens you up to Spirit’s helps and invites in your highest good.
Remember what Jung said, “if better is to come, good must step aside.” Let me say to you, “The BEST thing is going to happen for you.” I truly believe that.
Blessings and love,



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