December 12th Feast Day for the Guadalupe Mary
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A Celebration for the Divine Mother

December 12th is Feast Day for Our Lady Of Guadalupe. Many of you know that Mother Mary is one of my primary guides and in particular, I love the Guadalupe. While I'm not Catholic, I do have a fondness for Spanish Colonial Art and the depictions of Mother Mary these incredible artists create. It is something I cannot explain other than to say I feel them in my heart. 
My relationship with the Divine Mother blossomed as I began my spiritual journey in 2001. It happened organically through a series of meditations and my awareness of her deepened the further down my spiritual path I traveled. She made herself available to me (as she does to anyone who is open to her guidance) and my heart responded to her compassion, love and kindness. 

Whether you hear her words speak directly to you, feel her presence fill your being, smell the scent of roses fill the air, or begin to see her image everywhere you go, opening up to the Holy Mother brings an awareness of the Divine into your life. Guidance and purpose begin to fill your actions.
My experience with the Divine Mother is one of incredible compassion, peace, and action. She encourages us to take loving action in our life while following the Diving guidance that a quiet mind and compassionate heart can hear. She offers us understanding, forgiveness, and love so that we may offer those to ourselves and others.
National Geographic currently has a picture of Mary on their cover and the story is titled “Mary, the most powerful women in the world.” I believe it’s true that Mary has a unifying effect on all peoples. Her love supersedes all else. The loss she experienced and perseverance she demonstrated through a journey of controversy, dedication, and humility offers us all an example of hope, encouragement, and quiet joy. Mary was and is extraordinary in that she was simply human living a deeply spiritual experience of belief in the Divine. She understood that not all experiences were pleasant, happy, or fun but all offered a gift and fulfilled a Divine purpose.
Her connection to the Divine lives today through her spirit and our ability to connect with that loving essence. The story of the miracle of The Guadalupe appearing to Saint Juan Diego in 1531 lives on and is celebrated today through ceremony, festivities and ritual. We demonstrate our love and belief in the Blessed Mother with love and devotion by opening our hearts and welcoming her help into our very human lives as we walk our own spiritual path.
No matter your religion, belief or place on the path the Divine Mother offers grace, understanding, love and compassion through her own humble and courageous experience. May her love envelop your heart and show you the way to your highest expression of good.
Blessings to you all in this season of miracles,

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