Looking for something...a house, a partner, a job? Don't give up!
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Looking for Something?

Don't give up, but do get out of the way.

There's normally a theme that pops up with clients and sometimes it reflects something I'm going through as well. The past couple of weeks its been about waiting, searching, engaging Spirit and following the Divine breadcrumbs. It's easy to psych ourselves out and get so focused on what isn't working that we forget to stay focused on our heart's desire.... That feeling and image of us experiencing our lovely end result.

Last weekend I traveled to Minneapolis to help my son find an apartment as he is re-locating there this September for his job. This is a positive move (although still very stressful) and he had done some preliminary research on the areas he wants to live in. We both got busy and made appointments for the two days I would be there to help him.

He knew what he wanted; a loft in the Warehouse district, Mill district or North Loop. We were up and out early doing our due diligence, appointment after appointment...apartment after apartment, they were all the same. Cookie cutter. They weren't bad, but they weren't exactly what he had dreamed of having. As the day wore on (hot & humid) disappointment set in. He became extremely worried and stressed and quite testy. 

As we walked back from our lunch spot we passed a building that we hadn't seen before. We walked in and found we had to contact the property manager via email, and he only toured in groups. Disappointed yet again, we pressed on. 

We decided to take a break and drove to the other side of town, quickly eliminating it as an option (too far a commute in the winter without a car). Heading back to the warehouse district we visited another neighborhood closer to his work where we encountered several unsavory types, ( a drugged out young man carrying on a very detailed conversation with himself, a drug dealer and just a plain weirdo). Easy to read these signs! No, thank you.

Back in the warehouse district we visited yet another new construction style building. This one was better. However, one of the issues with the two buildings he 'kind of' liked was we couldn't actually see the apartment he would be living in. That's a problem. And...none of them felt right.

Before dinner I did some research and found negative reviews on both properties that were possibilities. I quietly sat with this and gave it all over to Spirit. I said a prayer and asked to be guided. What came to me was saying no to both of these properties and waiting. The right thing would come and it would be okay. I shared my insights with my son. He's not very spiritual and was annoyed (with me and the process) and not very happy overall. I held space for him by understanding his frustrations and fears. 

That night, I again offered the entire thing over to the Divine and asked to be guided to the right actions, and the right buildings. When I awoke the next morning I knew what to do. I refined my search criteria and came up with an entire new batch of buildings that we hadn't yet seen; they were all 'converted' warehouse buildings. One of them was the building we walked into after lunch the previous day, plus their sister building across the street. I contacted the agent via email and he got back to me within minutes. He had a tour that morning at 10:30. Perfect!

From the second we walked into the building, met the agent, and saw the first apartment we both knew this was exactly what my son had been searching for. It felt like him.I knew he could live here and be happy (my heart felt at peace). He was excited. It really was perfect. Larger than all the others we had seen, less money, available in the right time frame, big windows with lots of light, more storage than any of the others, on the top floor of apartments, a beautiful enclosed community area on the roof, bus stop in front of the building,10 minutes from the Skyway and all the amenities he was looking for. After the tour my son raced back to his hotel room, filled out the application online, was accepted within minutes and signed his lease yesterday. 

I kept thanking Spirit silently and following the breadcrumbs during that second morning.Once we got out of the way and really let the Divine lead us it happened easily. The name of the building...ElseWarehouse. That makes me smile. 

My trip was filled with ease and magic when I embraced the attitude of flowing with the Divine (yes, even at the airport and on the plane). Once we get out of our own way and stop trying to force something to happen....or think that it will never happen....Spirit provides the signs and we can then see them and take action.

  • Don't give up...But do offer up the issue to the Divine.
  • Sometimes you have to wait and let the timing become right. Taking no action is the right action.
  • Sometimes there is a small voice telling you to do something...and you doubt it...listen to it.
  • Do continue to take inspired action. That may be prayer, research, networking, waiting or something else but always hold to the feeling and vision of your heart's desire.
  • Keep in touch with your desired feeling and vision because this is where Spirit resides.

And, if you are still in your own way do a "Change Me" prayer: Dear Divine, please change me into someone who can let you take the lead. Show my my next step and let me clearly understand what action to take. Use me as the highest expression of you. Guide me to my perfect outcome. Thank you!

Now, get quiet, live your best life today and let guidance come. 

Blessings and love to you all,

PS. Tell me....have you been waiting for something or looking for something? Are you freaking out that "it" just won't happen?

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May you be happy, may you be peaceful, may you be healthy and may your life be fulfilling. 

It takes effort and sometimes a constant prayer to let Spirit help us....but please know the help is always available.

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