Spring Equinox - Balance and Transformation
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Spring Equinox - Balance and Transformation

This is going to be a very powerful week. Today is the Spring Equinox which is about balance, when day and night are equal in length. It also symbolizes light and dark being equal and balanced in our lives. This offers us a wonderful opportunity to feel this energy and welcome it into our bodies, homes, and relationships. 
In real world terms it’s normally a time of spring cleaning and clearing out the old to welcome in the new. Some people redecorate or change their bed covers, change their throw pillow slip covers, bring out their spring clothes or…if you’re a bit of a fashionista…shoes and handbags. This is all ceremonial and symbolic showing the Universe we’re ready for change and doing our part to welcome it.

In shamanic terms this is a time for fertility and re-birth. The Mountain Shamans will find a Pacarina (a small stream of water as it flows off the mountain) and let it cleanse their altar stones (which are an extension of them). This washes away the old and allows for new ideas, healing, and experiences to come in. This is a lovely ceremony in nature that clears the way for transformation and new beginnings.

This week also returns us to the beginning of the Zodiac (Aries) and we have a lunar eclipse in Libra opposed by Aries. This will be an uber-powerful eclipse with a focus on relationships (conflicts and challenges). Plus, we’re still being influenced by the solar eclipse in Pieces we had a few weeks ago. Some of the effects of that eclipse are a blend of loss, fresh starts, and digging deep into old wounds to find personal healing and transformation. With endings, some new beginnings, and for many that in-between place of “I don’t know” we’re left feeling anything but balanced.

The “I don’t know” space is the most difficult, as not all transformation happens in a "holy instant."  We've experienced those incredible moments where some area of our lives move from Crucifixion to Resurrection (total metamorphosis) in a heartbeat; these are life changing, life defining moments. However, most transformation takes time and what Spiritual teachers call "intense personal work." If we choose to go within right now, our personal journey work can be deep, meaningful and transforming.
You’re probably feeling the eclipse effects, (or witnessing them in those around you) but for many of us, the outcomes and positive changes we seek are still preparing to enter our lives, and we’re still preparing to be ready to receive them. Divine timing creates patience in all of us. Spirit’s time and our time aren’t always inline. When it does happen, it’s magical.
Regarding this powerful time and the eclipses, there’s a few take-a-ways I want you all to have.
  • Be aware of this powerful time and try to move with it (don’t resist) and remember to invite the Divine to guide you. Let the Divine take the lead.
  • When you feel out of sorts, remember this energy is intense and give yourself a break. Transformation and metamorphosis is stretching you into a new way of being in the world (creating a new energy body so to speak).
  • While it certainly can be uncomfortable, a beautiful new way of being is awakening within you.  Use the butterfly as a metaphor.
  • Engage Spirit through some form of ritual: do some spring cleaning, create an actual altar to honor what you’re going through, or give away what no longer suits you to create space for what’s on its way.
  • Remember, the “I don’t know” space is where all possibilities lie. Don’t rush. Allow the Divine to guide you to the place where “something even better” will find and engage you.
  • Create space in your mind as well. Take a walk in nature, be quiet, pray. Ask to be guided to your highest and best self and to be motivated to engage in divine action.
This is also a high religious week. Today is Palm Sunday, followed by Good Friday and then Easter next Sunday. Whether you’re religious or not, this is a time of faith, challenge, change and transformation. Our world myths and stories guide us and teach us how to find our way through our personal journeys. We draw meaning, strength, and encouragement from them.
Spiritual practice allows the magic and mystery of the Divine to have its wild wonderful way with us. We co-create with this invisible presence. Our belief, (our thoughts, prayers, actions) create opportunities for something even better than we could ever possibly imagine to manifest in our lives.
Dwell there. Believe in the unseen. Let it have its wild wonderful way with you and then co-create a beautiful, happy life into being from that inspiration.
We can’t change the planets, but we can know without exception the Divine has our back.
Happy Spring, Happy Easter. May you be both balanced and transformed.
With love and blessings,


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Listen. Honor your Intuition.

Allow Divine timing to guide you.

Take inspired action.
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