Spiritual Archives - Clutter or Sacred Mementos?
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Digging Through My Spiritual Archives

Clutter or Sacred Mementos?

I’m a great archivist. By that I mean I journal, take notes on classes I’ve taken or books I’ve read, I rip out articles and pictures from magazines AND I file them. My filing cabinets and wicker chests are filled with treasures that span decades of information gathering. It’s one of the perks (or downfalls depending on your perspective) of being an information (and spiritual) junkie.
Digging through my archives I got a chance to retrace my steps through the years of my spiritual journey. It was like revisiting old friends and remembering the Aha moments, teachers, and experiences I hadn’t thought about for a long time.
I love my archives. Are they clutter? No. Revisiting them is like diving into a sacred container filled with energetic goodies. Keeping something that makes you happy and fills you with light adds to your life. Clutter sucks your energy and brings you down, taking you out of your verticality. I go through my files (and home) regularly and when something no longer holds the right energy, I let it go.

I'm a big proponent of clearing the clutter. When my work space becomes stacked with books or research and is over run with information, or my home no longer feels clean, I can't think properly. Spending time clearing and cleaning the space is like pressing the reset button. I can breathe and think again and my productivity soars.

Knowing the difference between what to keep and what to let go of can be tricky. When it comes to our spiritual archives it's not about revisiting old wounds and being in that energy, but rather about observing how far we've come, honoring the processes we've gone through, and being a compassionate witness to our journey. 
I thought I’d share a few of the mementos that jumped out at me this week as I dug through my notebooks and clippings. Know that these are all snippets from much larger bodies of work. If something resonates with you and you want to further explore one of them, send me a note. 
Archive Goodies in Random Order:

  • The future is malleable. - We have free will and can change our direction at any time. We can set a new intention, change our thoughts and change our world.


  • Ask yourself: What if everything goes right? (allow yourself to really GO there)
  • Place value on your time and talents. Honor yourself and your abilities.


  • Place your hand on your heart when speaking your truth. Make a request- but also hear the requests of others.


  • If you find yourself out of balance in an area of your life (lacking or depleted?) check in and see which one of these applies to you:

The 4 positions of the Heart:

  1. Give but don’t receive
  2. Receive but don’t give
  3. Neither give or receive
  4. Give and receive comfortably and stop making a distinction of the two

The goal is to be at #4. Living in reciprocity is living in balance.

  • Prayerful practice: I breathe in the light of God. (Feel the stream of light entering your crown chakra). I breathe out the love that is in my heart. (Feel your heart opening as a flower). As your heart opens as a flower (like a rose) imagine the fragrance imbuing the planet as a gift of love to the earth & to you wafting from your heart.


  • Everything comes from breath. Remember to breathe. Breathing will fluff your aura and lighten your energetic field. The clearer we are the higher our vibration. Life is easier when we vibrate higher and walk lighter. Spirit seems more present at this vibration.


  • Radiant Abodes: Invite loving kindness to be present in your body and mind.
  • Make this offering for another (or yourself): May your happiness and joy increase, may the causes of your happiness increase.


  • From the gospel of Thomas: If you bring forth what is in you, what is in you will save you.


  • My teacher Alberto’s personal prayer:

Beauty before me,
Beauty behind me,
Beauty all around me,
I am surrounded in beauty.
In beauty I walk.


  • Practice Beauty. Let your words be a kiss. Cultivate language with kindness.

Enjoy the journey…it’s magical.

Blessings to you all. May your happiness and joy increase, may the causes of your happiness increase.


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