A course in Spiritual Mastery

I'd love for you to join me in this Journey in Spiritual Mastery. 
first module 'understanding the multidimensional world'
You are a Master of Creative Spiritual energy; a point of Divine consciousness on a mission with a purpose.  On entering this world, it was imperative that you forgot who you were….  the veil between the worlds was purposely darkened to allow you to enter fully into this existence.  
Now is the time for the veil to be lifted, and for you to come into alignment with your true purpose.

If you are reading this, then it is certain that you are called to develop your spiritual gifts and talents.  Perhaps as a healer, perhaps as a light worker, perhaps simply to be a light to those around you.

The course in Spiritual Mastery is a journey upon which you will become aware in ways to reach your full potential and to assist others in their path.  The first module, Understanding the Multidimensional World, provides the required knowledge and skills to explore the path with confidence and safety.
Although this is a stand alone module, you will gain knowledge to develop further, either as a healer or as a creator (or both), by choosing to complete further modules in
  • Subtle body anatomy and energy healing and
  • Working with energy to create magic and flow
Over six sessions, we will journey across the landscape of the Spirit world.  You will uncover knowledge to understand the multi-dimensional nature of your authentic self, to be aware of the landscape of the astral world and to discern between helpful energies and those that might dissuade you from your path.  You will also gain the knowledge and skills to create a Sacred space, in which to conduct Spiritual practices for yourself or others.

What you will discover:

  • Unit 1 (zoom) Your divine nature - exploring your personal cosmology
  • Unit 2 (zoom Looking beyond the 3D – a cosmology of the astral fields
  • Unit 3 (in-person) Setting a Sacred space (protocols and procedures), meet your animal totem
  • Unit 4 (zoom) Be aware of the game – avoiding entrapments
  • Unit 5 (zoom) Spiritual discernment in practice
  • Unit 6 (in-person) A Shamanic circle - artifact making, sound in healing, meet your spirit guide
Understanding the Multidimensional world is scheduled for enrolment in September.  There will be four zoom sessions and two in-person spirit circles.

Note: If you are remote from South-East Queensland yet would like to attend the course, please express your interest as I am exploring ways to provide remote learning for the practical aspect of the course.

Assessment is available if you would like to obtain a completion certificate for this module.  Assessment ensures that you have a thorough understanding of practical and theory course components and is recommended if you intent to proceed further with your studies of the Spiritual realm.

I'd love you to join me in this journey.

Whether you’re called as a healer, as a light worker, or just to be a light to those around you, it’s going to be a great journey. you’re going to get so much knowledge and wisdom.
I invite you to join me on the following dates;
4 zoom sessions on the 22nd, 29th September and 6th, 13th October
2 in-person practical sessions on the 3rd and 17th October (these are full days, at or near Woodford*)

The full cost is $648.00, but I’m offering an early bird discount at $540.00 if you book prior to 6th September

In recognition of your commitment to Spirit, you will be granted free attendance at all other meditations and circles during the timeframe of the course.

To be placed on the list for enrolment, just email or message me from the link below and I’ll be in touch. 
In love and light
Martin Worth

Please put me on the list for Spiritual Mastery

COVID update.......

With the resurgence of restrictions of late, people are affected by worry, stress and fear. The element of control and loss of personal choice and the repercussions of such is particularly apparent as people's lives are disrupted. 

A COVID distress clearing session is a specific healing for anyone who is affected by the restrictions.

To ensure that money is not a barrier to healing, COVID distress sessions are by donation only. Please give only from your ability to do so. Even a small reciprocal exchange is a true gift and will be rewarded many times over. Payment options are in the confirmation email.

Your session will last for 30 minutes or so.

Booking link below
COVID distress clearing booking link

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