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A BIG Announcement

I've been teasing this announcement for almost all of 2016, and now here it is: PATHOGENS is open for beta reads. What is a "beta reader"? Just like a beta-tester tries out new games and software, if you're (ahem) game, you can help test out my new book. Tell me what works, what doesn't, what you love, what you hate. Your input can change the final product!

Much like a zombie, I WANT YOUR BRAIN. Or, at the very least, to pick it.

Beta-Reader/Tester Fine Points

First off, if you missed the blog post on Monday announcing the call for beta-readers, start there. You'll find character descriptions, which are essential for the next part. From those descriptions, please reply to this email with your top three character choices.

What I'm looking for

  • A chronology of your read-through. What choices did you pick? Why? If you died, did you start over or go back to that same chapter?
  • Continuity/logic errors. Did someone have a knife in the first choice and suddenly a gun in the next chapter? Let me know.
  • Stream-of-consciousness style thoughts. "Oh man, I thought that choice was a trap for sure!" This helps tell me if my intent came across.
  • General notes. Did something feel forced or contrived? Work particularly well? Remind you of something else? Suggestion for improvement?

What I'm not looking for

  • Grammar and spelling notes. This is a rough draft you'll be reading, so there are bound to be mistakes. However, I'm going to pay someone (my editor!) to catch those for me. 
  • Vagueness. "Liked it." Umm, thanks for reading? What made you laugh? What made you angry? What was brilliant? What was stupid? Give me your beautiful thoughts. Be verbose.
Final thought: If you're not into feedback, don't worry. After the final draft goes into to my editor, I'll need your help for the "Make PATHOGENS go viral!" campaign. And as always, thanks for your support.

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