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What I seek in images is a tingling sensation somewhere between my chest and my belly. It's a bit like having a crush. When something 'clicks' it's very physical for me. It's a feeling and I like it. I often try to explain it: it's the palette and the composition, or the way the symmetry is broken, or the subtle use of materials. But that's just an intellectual exercise, if an image hits you, it hits you, and more elements than we can comprehend probably go into it.

Not all images will do it, and no single image will do it for everyone, and that's fine. I have to be at ease with this realization because only a very small fraction of the images I create will do it for me or anyone else. The magic seems to happen by chance. It's hard to predict. But I hope the more I put the brush on the page the more it will happen.

The funny thing about the image above is that it works better for me as it is now: a picture of the original. Something about the blur and the extreme perspective makes it more dreamy. I think the limited palette and the texture of the white-out I used to create the mountain also work well. I can't guarantee you will feel a tingling sensation with this one but I hope you see something today that will do it for you :) 

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