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Today's newsletter is focused on keeping it real - showing up and being seen, imperfections and all. Read on for information about being your most authentic self, two personal posts about experiences that will probably feel familiar to most of you, and details on my newest service: Coaching for Self Care!

To start off, I've included one of my blog posts in the series on Brené Brown's great book, "The Gifts of Imperfection". The Guideposts are summarized in the image below. Here's an excerpt the post (click here to read the entire post on my blog):


In my last post of this series on living an authentic life. I listed the Guideposts and how I (and many other people) have used them to help me live my life in a more fulfilling and joyful way.  The first Guidepost is: Cultivating Authenticity - Letting Go of What People Think. That can be a tough one. What does it mean to you? 

Here in the greater Annapolis area, where I live and work with clients, it can be really hard to let go of worrying about what other people think. Conformity is prized in our community, and fitting in feels better than being excluded. I think that is true no matter where you live.But what if you aren't the same as everyone else? I'm kidding. None of us is the same as everyone else! We're all unique, and our differences are what make us who we are. For some reason, though, we tend to hide what makes us unique in order to fit in with the group. 

I posted a video about my work with The Daring Way™. The Daring Way™ is all about daring to be vulnerable, showing up and being seen...what better way to walk my talk than to post a video, complete with my imperfections on display for all to see? Ack! 
The point of the video, though, is for more people to learn about this incredible opportunity, whether through attending a Daring Way™ group or intensive with me, or with another Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, to connect with ourselves deeply and create meaningful connections in our lives. What else, really, is life all about?
I hope this video will inspire you to explore the ways that you can show up and be seen in your life! 
I also wrote two posts recently about letting go. One relates to losing our family's beloved dog, Lily. The other is about graduation, weddings and kids growing up. I know many people who are going through these life transitions right now. Please share with anyone you know who might appreciate reading these articles! 
If we could numb only the "dark" emotions I wouldn't have to feel so sad about losing my dog...but the reason I do feel so sad is because of the joy of our almost 12 years together. I wouldn't trade that joy for the absence of the feeling of loss.
New Service! Coaching Consults for Self Care! 
In addition to my psychotherapy services, focused on helping you discover eliminating barriers to loving yourself and others, I'm now offering coaching!

This is for people who have already worked in therapy to discover what underlying issues are standing in their way, or who do not feel the need to do that deeper work at present. 

I will help you identify the areas of your life which could be improved by implementing self care practices, and work with you to create a self care action plan. We can meet in person or via Skype, so unlike therapy, I can offer you self care coaching wherever you are - anywhere in the United States or internationally! We can start with 1-2 consults to develop the action plan, and follow up, if you choose, with additional consults for support in implementing your plan.
If you need a reminder on the importance of self care, check out my series on the subject.  

More information on these services will be added to my website very soon! 
I shared my heart in this post, and it seemed to resonate with a lot of people. Most of us have experienced loss at some point (probably at multiple points) in our lives and we have to make the decision whether to surround our hearts with barbed wire to protect us from experiencing the pain of loss, or to keep our hearts open, even though we risk feeling more pain. I choose to feel! Click here to read the post on my blog. 
Allowing our kids to grow up is so hard. Letting go is a necessary evil, though. So here's a post that talks about how you can deal with that feeling of not wanting to let go!  Click here to read the post on my blog. An excerpt follows:

Letting Go (Part 1)

This week is an exciting one for our family, as our oldest child graduates from high school in a few days. It's a joyful and exciting time - but there are some underlying feelings of sadness and loss which have caught me by surprise.  I know that many of you are experiencing a similar transition in the life of your family, as graduation and wedding season begin. I thought I'd share my thoughts and feelings, and how I'm coping with the changes, in hopes that it will be helpful to you, too. 

My thoughts

As I've been eagerly anticipating his graduation I've been very proud and excited for my child. My thoughts are that this is a wonderful milestone in his life.  I'm so happy that he has successfully completed his high school career and that he plans to go to college in the Fall. I have high hopes for what this young man will accomplish as he matures. I am looking forward to seeing what he decides to do for his career after college. I know that this is a normal developmental process, in which my child will leave the nest to become  a fully realized adult. Although it does not happen overnight with this event, this milestone is an extremely important rite of passage in our culture. I want him to move through this process, because it's what is right for him developmentally. But...he's my baby!

Click here to read the rest of the post on my blog.
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