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New Nutrition in Rwanda

ADRA Teaches Mothers How to Grow Nutritious Vegetables in a Dry Zone

Leocadie and her family have been struggling to survive drought conditions in a remote dry region of Rwanda for the last five years. Their harvests were so poor that she were having a hard time feeding her family.  In 2014, ADRA started a program in their village that has changed everything.       Read More

New Hope for Vladimir

ADRA Canada Helps Seniors in Eastern Ukraine Cope with the Fallout of Conflict Shelling 

Vladimir is 75 and has been a resident of Schastye in eastern Ukraine since 1956. When the conflict in the Ukraine started, Vladimir’s house was partially damaged by the shelling.  His leg was also damaged in the blast.  He was not able to get to the hospital for proper treatment of his wounds and he developed an infection that led to gangrene.  His leg had to be amputated. Read More

Rebuilding After Hurricane Matthew

ADRA Helps People in Haiti Recover from the Storm 

ADRA is helping people in Haiti recover from the devastation of hurricane Matthew by helping them to rebuild their homes.

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Strength In Partnership

ADRA Canada is One of Fifteen Churches and Faith-Based Organizations Working Together to End World Hunger

For over 20 years ADRA Canada has had an important partnership with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank in our mutual goal of relieving the suffering of people who are hungry and in need.  The Canadian Foodgrains Bank works together with Canadian farmers and in partnership with 15 Canadian churches and faith-based agencies, such as ADRA Canada.  Watch Video

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