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ADRA Canada Five Year Report Video

ADRA Canada Report Video for the SDACC Constituency Session 

ADRA Canada is growing!  This five year report video, prepared for the quinquennial  session of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada,  tracks the growth of ADRA Canada over the last five years.  Thanks to your partnership and support, ADRA Canada continues to rise to meet the many challenges of our changing world. Watch the video here

ADRA Canada Connections Trip

Vancouver Mountain Lions Pathfinder Club Serves in Peru

On August 4-16, 2016 the Vancouver Mountain Lions Pathfinder Club went on a ADRA Canada Connections trip to the highlands of Peru. During one week of work the group built 25 smoke-free stoves, forever changing the lives of the villagers and pathfinders alike.

Thank-you Pathfinders!

Check out some highlights of their trip here.

ADRA Canada's Ration Meal Challenge

Go Hungry to Help End Hunger

It's that time of year again!  This is great chance for you to raise money to help us end hunger. Take our Ration Meal Challenge for a fun and innovative fundraising activity.  By eating only BP-5 bars (the same ones used in refugee camps) for one day between October 11-16, you can raise funds to feed the hungry.  Take the challenge by yourself, with your friends, with your school, or with your church.  Sign up today and we will send you the BP-5 Ration bars with a fundraising package.  Learn more here.

ADRA Canada Employment Opportunity

ADRA Canada Needs You!

This month we have two openings. 

We are seeking a Technical Advisor for our MNCH program.  The qualified candidate will ensure the technical integrity and methodological soundness by providing technical oversight and direction for MNCH activities.  For more information, click here.

We are also looking for a volunteer for a one year appointment in Rwanda, Africa.  Get more info here.

Big Sur Cycle Challenge

There are only a few spots left!

Participants in the Big Sur Classic will pedal their way down the Pacific Coast Highway from Monterey to Paso Robles, just North of San Luis Obispo, from September 25-27th to raise funds for a school in Lebanon. 

Funds raised for ADRA Canada will be used to help Syrian refugee children resume their education.

"When we discovered that ADRA was participating in a cycling trip down the coast of California to raise funds for children in poverty, my wife Lauren and I leapt at the opportunity."  Rick Wiegel, Participant

To read Rick's story and for more information on participating in this event click here.

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