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From Canada to Cambodia: EMBRACE the Challenge

For a limited time, ADRA is inviting high school and college students to participate in a new challenge!  Complete this short online course and you may be eligible to travel to Cambodia on a learning tour if you are a high school student or an internship if you are a college/university student!  The challenge ends on November 30th, so don't delay!
Click here to learn more and register for the course.

Flooding in Thailand

On August 29, 2019, tropical storm Podul struck Thailand. Its heavy rain and high winds caused flash flooding and landslides.  Approximately 160,000 homes were affected.  Read More

Gardens in the Midst of Drought

For the last five years, Mandera County in Kenya has been gripped by a devastating drought. The people in the county, who are traditionally pastoralists, have been forced to watch as their livestock and livelihoods succumbed to hunger and thirst. Read More

ADRA Canada Insider Podcast

In this delightful episode, we record our Podcast in the field.  On a recent visit to Rwanda, Frank Spangler sits down with three of the primary staff of ADRA's EMBRACE project in Rwanda.  Listen in and discover how ADRA has saved babies and changed lives in the beautiful country of Rwanda.

Part 1  Listen to Podcast
Part 2  Listen to Podcast

Welcome to Daniel Saugh

We are excited to welcome Daniel Saugh to our team as the Canadian Program Manager.  Born and raised in Toronto, Daniel is a product of both Adventist and public education.  Read More

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