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Relieving Hunger in Kenya

Join us for this month's ADRA Insider Video Podcast and get a first hand description of one of ADRA's most successful projects, as told by Steve Matthews, Anita M. Odondi, and Frank Spangler who recently returned from Mandera West, in northern Kenya. Watch or Listen to Podcast

How a Cow Changes Lives!

Florence is the mother of two children. Before ADRA’s project began in her village, life was challenging. She struggled to feed her family. Her children faced malnourishment. All of this changed when she received a cow from ADRA’s EMBRACE project. Read More


Hope After the Storm

In May of 2019, the eastern State of Odisha, was hit with one of the most powerful storms to hit that region of India. In this video report, learn how ADRA India responded to help people with emergency supplies and extended support to help rebuild their lives.  Watch Video

After the Earthquake in Albania

On November 26, 2019, the country of Albania was struck by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake that took the lives of 52 people and left 3,000 more with injuries. The marginalized Roma people of Albania have been hit hard by this disaster. Other than from ADRA, they have received very little help. Read More

From Canada to Cambodia: EMBRACE the Challenge

Our EMBRACE Challenge has been extended to February 28.  There is still time to take the challenge for a chance to travel to Cambodia!  ADRA is inviting high school and college students to participate.  Complete this short online course and you may be eligible to travel to Cambodia on a learning tour if you are a high school student or an internship if you are a college/university student!  The challenge ends on February 28, so don't delay!   Click here to learn more and register for the course.

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