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Reaching Remote Regions of Haiti

ADRA Canada Responding to the Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti

Three weeks after Haiti was battered by Hurricane Matthew, some remote communities are still cut off from emergency aid. This week ADRA reached the remote community of Roche-A-Bateaux with life saving supplies by helicopter.      Read More

Helping Children In Damascus

ADRA Refurbishes 15 Classrooms in Damacus

The ongoing civil war in Syria has forced over 11 million people from their homes. An estimated 300,000 people have been killed and approximately 5 million have fled the country to find refuge in Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon. The hardest hit city in recent months has been Aleppo.

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Taking the Ration Meal Challenge

Helping End Hunger by Going Hungry for a Day

Over the last couple of weeks, many ADRA supporters have taken our Ration Meal Challenge.  By going hungry for one day, they have helped raise funds and awareness about world hunger.  Are you up for the challenge?  Learn more here

Sharon Njobo, from ADRA Canada recently took the Ration Meal Challenge.  Watch this short video to see how her day went.
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