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From our ADRA Family

As 2019 draws to a close we want to thank you for your generous support of the ministry of ADRA.  Your kindness and compassion have saved lives and provided for better futures for people in need around the world.  May you enjoy a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.

Providing Help in a Dry Land

The people of Takaba were in a food crisis when ADRA Kenya arrived with emergency food supplies.  At first, some of the elders were hesitant to accept the food because they were afraid that ADRA would then put pressure on them to become Christians.  But with the need so great, they cautiously accepted the food. Read More

ADRA Insider Video Podcast

In our first video podcast, Michael shares some heart-warming stories of the work that ADRA Canada is doing in the country of Thailand.  Watch or listen to Podcast

From Canada to Cambodia: EMBRACE the Challenge

Our EMBRACE Challenge has been extended to February 28.  There is still time to take the challenge for a chance to travel to Cambodia!  ADRA is inviting high school and college students to participate.  Complete this short online course and you may be eligible to travel to Cambodia on a learning tour if you are a high school student or an internship if you are a college/university student!  The challenge ends on February 28, so don't delay!
Click here to learn more and register for the course.

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