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We are pleased to offer Continuing Education Credit for our five Online Courses through our co-sponsorship with Alliant International Continuing Education. Alliant International University is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists, and approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing to provide continuing education for Nurses (provider # CEP11235). 


CE approved by APA and Nursing are accepted by many professional disciplines such as licensed clinical social workers, clinical mental health counselors, licensed professional clinical counselors, marriage & family therapists and registered nurses. However, it is the individual’s responsibility to confirm this with their licensing board.  We can offer the online course description and a “Certificate of Completion” for submission to a particular professional discipline.


It's easy! Anyone can start at any time. Each  lesson within a self-paced course takes about two hours and includes audio, video and text. At the end of each course,  participants who have paid for CE credit  email their quiz result and course evaluation along with name, degree, license number and email address. Alliant will then followup by emailing the CE certificate.

Participants can also earn 18 CEs for attending and/or viewing The Collab Salon 2021 Series. We always meet at 4:00 pm on the third Sunday of the month (New York time) for 1.5 hours. 

Visit Conitinuing Education to learn more information about our CE arrangement with Alliant International University. We also welcome inquiries about adapting our courses to a variety of contexts, such as local consultation groups, training programs, and higher education.

Our Courses

Maggie Carey

Maggie Carey

Rich Story Development in Action:

3 Live Interviews with Maggie Carey

What does it look like in narrative practice to see problems as separate from persons, to take on a multi-storied approach, and to find openings to stories linking people to their know-how and skills?  Each interview, illustrated on a whiteboard, shows key narrative principles in action, and specific interviewing skills guided by maps of narrative practice. Workshop participants are also involved through reflecting teamwork,  and questions to Maggie about why she went the way she did in each interview. After reviewing the edited interviews, a small group of skillful narrative practitioners  and teachers from around of the world, each of whom has trained extensively with Maggie, come together to take a close look at what stands out to them.

For an additional $25,  registrants can earn 10 APA Approved Alliant CE credits.
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An Introduction to 
Rich Story Development with Maggie Carey

This course—the first in our Rich Story Development series—offers a clear, concise and down-to-earth journey into topics about story development, including the narrative metaphor, landscapes of stories, double listening, loitering with intent, mapping meaning and action, personal agency, listening for resonance, making links, and neurobiology.  

For an additional $25,  registrants can earn 12 APA Approved CE credits through Alliant International University. 
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Maggie Carey

Larry Zucker

Escaping Blame:
Helping couples develop account-ability with Larry Zucker


What would it look like if we could truly escape blame as a way of talking about our lives? What sort of conversation would take its place? And to what end? Blame is an individual habit that allows us each—therapists included—to assign causes for the unhappy present. Account-ability is a relationship skill that allows us to come to a shared understanding of what future we might prefer, and what stands in the way of that future. This course is about the conversations that are possible when Accountability emerges as practice distinct from Blame, and what we can do as therapists to nurture that distinction.

 For an additional $25,  registrants can earn 12 APA Approved CE credits through Alliant International University. 
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Maggie Carey

Charley Lang

Queer Counseling & Narrative Practice with Charley Lang

This course engages the practices of strength-based Narrative Therapy when consulting with clients identified as LGBTQ in four lessons:  Situating Ourselves with a Narrative Stance, Whose Life Is it Anyway? A Queer Umbrella for All, and Voices from the Margins. Participants will explore the working assumptions of postmodern therapy, addressing issues relating to heterosexism, community building, family renegotiating trauma, spirituality, and group work among others.  The course includes exercises, live interviews and three award-winning short films, all produced and directed by the instructor.

 For an additional $25,  registrants can earn 8 APA Approved CE credits through Alliant International University. 
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Peggie Sax

Peggy Sax

Narrative Therapy:
Foundations & Key Concepts with Peggy Sax


Narrative Therapy: Foundations & Key Concepts  (FKC) offers six lessons introducing the philosophical foundations and key concepts guiding narrative therapy in work with individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations. Each of the six lessons takes about two hours and includes audio, video and text. Anyone can start at any time. Live Webinars are available when a group of six or more register together. For course objectives, click here.

For an additional $25,  registrants can earn 12 APA Approved CE credits through Alliant International University. 
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