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Community-based Practices as Response to Earth's Environmental Crises and Opportunity
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Peggy Sax

Peggy Sax,
Cornwall Vermont, USA
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Hi there,

What a year it's been! While not in the same boat, together we face the global pandemic, earth's environmental crisis, racial injustices and political nightmares. May our 2021 Collab Salon Schedule help sustain our hope, possibilities and collaborative learning opportunities. We eagerly  feature presenters from around the world, across narrative generations, focusing on topics particularly relevant to our 11 Hot Topics and 1 burning topic for the New Decade.

What I learned from my mentor is an across narrative generations community-wide project with an ever growing playlist.

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Get involved with our monthly webinar when presenters and members from around the world meet together informally in real time for 1.5 hours. We always meet at 4pm on the third Sunday of the month (New York time). Members can also watch the recording at your convenience in our Library of Past Salons, and earn 18 Alliant CE credits. You just need to sign up, check your local time zone, and then come to our Zoom meeting room at the designated time. The Collab is open to people from any discipline/background interested in learning more about narrative practices. If you can become a Collab Salon member, since our collective membership dues helps with ongoing maintenance and development of our training initiatives.
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Beginning in January 2015, the Collab discovered “Zoom” as a platform for faculty and members from around the world meet together informally in real time.
Library of Past Salons
What I Learned From My Mentor
Photo by Caleb Kenna Photogtaphy
Looking for something meaningful and fun to do while enduring the Pandemic? What I Learned From My Mentor is a new community project linked to the Across Generations Hot Topic. Initially, we edited some short videos from Narrative Camp 2019 to capture learnings from cherished mentors. From these accounts, we began the What I learned from my mentor Youtube playlist.
What I learned from my mentor Gerald
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Re-authoring Confinement Playlist
In response to Covid-19, most of us worldwide are sheltering at home and/or experiencing lockdown. While fraught with challenges, this period of “Re-authoring Confinement” is also fertile ground for the emergence of many creative projects and collaborations. This homemade resource is bursting with contributions from members of our community: video reflections from around the world, Covid inspired music, Fundraisers, Communities collecting wisdoms, Children and Family projects, Animal companions, Arts & Crafts, Gardens & Nature, Performances, Poetry & prose and a Discussion Forum. Please send us your contributions so we can truly “create a collaboratory” together.
Faculty Offering
Are you wishing to become a more skillful narrative practitioner? Do you yearn to consult closely with seasoned practitioners to further develop specific applications for your narrative practice? Are you drawn to the idea of working in a small consultation group comprised of people from all over the world? Our faculty is excited to offer these customized consultation opportunities that hone in on specific skill-development.
New 2020-21 Groups Forming Now!
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Collab Salon Calendar 2021
Check out the Collab Salon 2021 Schedule! Please try out our new filters to easily find Salons according to Presenter's name, Keyword or "Hot Topics". Each month our newsletter will feature the upcoming Salon.
January 17, 2021 Collab Salon: Re-authoring Confinement: Creating a Collaboratory During the Pandemic
Pam Burr Smith
(Brunswick, Maine)
İclal Eskioğlu Aydın
(Istanbul, Turkey)
Jehanzeb Baldiwala
(Mumbai, India)
Lodovica Guidarelli
(San Diego, California)
Around the world, Covid-19 profoundly impacts our everyday lives. As narrative practitioners we are trained to double-listen to problems, to pay close attention to the suffering as well as to initiatives and events that might not be predicted by the problematic stories.
What are some of the sparkling moments where the dominance of the pandemic problem disappears?
Please join us as we begin our new year with a range of contributors sharing experiences and the joy of collaborative projects across the world: making poetry and art, creating Covid inspired music, learning from Community gatherings and from our children.
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Community-based practices as response to Earth’s environmental crisis and opportunity
February 21, 2021 Collab Salon
Merle Conyer
(Sydney, Australia)
Jenny Freeman
(Berkeley, California)
The environmental crisis is increasingly showing up in our neighbourhoods through severe weather events, struggling ecosystems, and the coronavirus pandemic.
How can we, as narrative therapists, offer pathways for coming into relationship with these escalating risks in ways that are not overwhelming nor lead to despair?
How might we contribute beyond individualised models that leave far too many people without care for their collective challenges? How do we show up in solidarity with those who recognise the potential for a great breakthrough towards environmental and social justice? Narrative therapy has a rich lore of collective practice that has evolved beyond the office, which can be valuable in this context. Merle and Jenny will share collective initiatives in diverse settings in response to Earth’s environmental crisis and opportunity, followed by a conversation to explore possibilities and potential for our narrative therapy community.
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How to Rebuild a Company's Identity after a Workplace Suicide
March 21, 2021 Collab Salon
Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun
(Bordeaux, France)
The international development of the narrative approach has allowed narrative ideas to inspire interventions in a wide range of areas. In particular, over the last 15 years or so, these ideas have been transposed into the world of business and organizations. Narrative coaches offer to accompany managers, teams and all working communities in exploring the meaning of their work and how the dominant economic discourses create or reinforce situations of power and privilege in the companies. One of the most sensitive areas of this new field of action for narrative ideas is the accompaniment of suffering communities, either through psychosocial risks, burnout, bore-out, or even « return-out » (since the lockdown).
There is a particular circumstance where they are very relevant: in those very frequent tragedies that are suicides in the workplace. Beyond this Collab salon, several projects are envisaged: setting up a Consulting Group to deepen all these subjects and bring concrete tools to all international colleagues interested in it, writing by Piper Clyborne of a first book in English on the subject? But the first step is to present an overview of corporate narrative practices, as well as a few stories that will show that the power and poetry of narrative ideas bring to the business world the political, therapeutic and ethical perspective it so often lacks.
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Individuals in Competition or Communities in Connection? Narrative Therapy in the Era of Neoliberalism
April 18, 2021 Collab Salon
Jill Freedman & Gene Combs
(Evanston, Illinois)
Even though the term “neoliberalism” often elicits eye rolls or glazed expressions, we use it because it is the most comprehensive label we have found for the dominant discourse shaping political and economic reality in the ‘developed world’ during the last 40 years. The neoliberal worldview treats monetary return on investment as the most highly valued measure of success, and it conceptualizes each of us as an entrepreneur in the world in competition with every other person; each of us as a tiny corporation. The metaphors of neoliberalism pull us away from any focus on community, collaboration, or caring for each other’s welfare. They invite us to focus on individuals, and away from social and cultural pressures. Instead of ‘unreasonable workload’, neoliberalism wants us to see ‘poor stress management’. Instead of ‘fear and worry due to financial insecurity’, it suggests we see ‘depression’. If we are to help people escape the constraints of neoliberalism, we must understand enough of how it has been constructed that we can expose its workings.
This salon will provide an opportunity for the critical reflection that is necessary if we are to help people who consult with us see through the webs of neoliberal discourse and perceive possibilities for community, connection, and mutual caretaking.
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Emerging Black Voices in Psychotherapy
May 16, 2021 Collab Salon
Barbara Herring
(Los Angeles, California)
Charley Lang
(Los Angeles, USA)
Tanya Barr
(Los Angeles, California)
Lodovica Guidarelli
(Los Angeles, California)
In this Salon, Barbara Herring (“B”) and Charley Lang will interview two new members of our narrative community, Tanya Barr and Eric Katende, both black clinicians and recent graduates of Antioch University. Tanya, Eric and B will speak to both the challenges and the hopes experienced as black students, community members and therapists in a very white world. Tanya and Eric will then select participants’ questions to respond to in an engaged collaborative conversation.
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Reports from the LAB: Stories from youth dealing with homelessness at a community-arts center
June 20, 2021 Collab Salon
Sara Lambert
(Gatineau, Québec)
Etienne Proulx
(Gatineau, Québec)
Established in 2002, Le LAB is an endeavour of the CIPTO in Gatineau, Quebec, dedicated to making arts and creative expression accessible to all. We focus on people at-risk of living or already living with challenges related to substance use, homelessness and social exclusion. What do youth dealing with homelessness have to say about transitioning into adulthood?
How can Digital Storytelling enable and unlock these knowledges?
How can we, at a community level, create the space for these stories to be listened to and heard?
The presentation will hopefully include a participant of one of these workshops to share their experience and their stories.
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Building Connections Between the Immigrant Rights Movement and Narrative Therapy
July 20, 2021 Collab Salon
Nidya Ramirez Ibarra
(Escondido, California)
Established in 2002, Le LAB is an endeavour of the CIPTO in Gatineau, Quebec, dedicated to making arts and creative expression accessible to all. We focus on people at-risk of living or already living with challenges related to substance use, homelessness and social exclusion. What do youth dealing with homelessness have to say about transitioning into adulthood?
How can Digital Storytelling enable and unlock these knowledges?
How can we, at a community level, create the space for these stories to be listened to and heard?
The presentation will hopefully include a participant of one of these workshops to share their experience and their stories.
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Temper Tantrum Parties & Learning how to Apply David Epston’s Inventions
August 15, 2021 Collab Salon
Kay Ingamells
(Auckland, NZ)
“David Epston has invented many imaginative, and startlingly successful ways of disappearing problems for children & young people which he has documented in stories from his practice in many publications. I have found that using his ideas successfully within my own practice has required more of me than simply following the guidance in the stories, and I have had failures along the way.
In this Collab Salon, I will illustrate David’s approach to Temper Tantrums with using recent examples from my own practice to children & young people which have been successful in just two sessions. I will also touch on what I am a learning so far about applying David’s remarkable inventions.” Kay Ingamells
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Anti-Machinalization Global Summit Part II ~Two Years Later
September 19, 2021 Collab Salon
Sumie Ishikawa (Kitakyushu-city, Japan)
Amy Druker (Toronto, Canada)
Have you seen anyone spending extraordinary hours working in isolation with the best of intentions, being fueled by expectations or a sense of obligation/responsibility even though the initial fuel was un-mistakably passion, curiosity, creativity and/or social justice? In our first Anti-Machinalization Global Summit 2019, we invited the very problem ‘Machinalization’ as our guest speaker who proudly presented its juicy techniques for machinalizing Sumie and so many other humans around the world. During the last two years, Machinalization seems to have grown even more powerful, developing cruelly-sophisticated tactics for orchestrating its global influences. Anti-Machinalization Global Summit 2021 will again invite Machinalization as our controversial and provocative guest speaker and have Sumie Ishikawa (with rich ‘insider’ experience) interviewed by her dear narrative sister, Amy Druker. Participants were invited to join in a group discussion, where taken-for-granted Machinalizing discourses and practices that are woven into the capitalistic structure of modern society can be called into question. Let’s imagine together small acts of co-resistance and more humanizing ways to survive and thrive in this ever-Machinalizing time we live in today!
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Lines of Flight and Journeys of Recovery
October 17, 2021 Collab Salon
Terry Callahan
(Adelaide, S. Australia)
Rob Hall
(Adelaide, S. Australia)
Men who had experienced sexual abuse as children established SAMSN (Sexually Abused Men’s Support Network) in Sydney Australia specifically for men who had been sexually abused as children. Professionally facilitated peer support groups are among the many services they run. Terry and Rob have been facilitators for the Adelaide groups, but groups are run throughout New South Wales.
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Finding our Way in Narrative Conversations: Sustaining Narrative Practice Across Generations
November 17, 2021 Collab Salon
Adelaide Narrative Therapy Collective
Colectivo de Prácticas Narrativas
Narrative Practices India
Sparkling Counseling & Consulting Services
How will narrative practice sustain and transform in the coming years and decades? While honoring our mentors, we take delight in the emergence of newer voices within a generation of narrative practitioners. The presence of these “fresh voices’ contributes immeasurably to our learning community, as we co-learn together. Building on the Across Narrative Generations: Co-sparking with emerging voices Hot Topic for the New Decade, this Collab Salon will explore behind the scenes of two Reauthoring Teaching projects:
1) What I learned from my mentor: A community-wide project to build a Youtube playlist that captures learnings from cherished mentors; we hope to inspire others to contribute
2) Finding our way in Narrative Conversations: Maggie Carey Interviews: A new miniseries based on three edited interviews with three workshop participants (Shelburne Vermont, June 2016), demonstrating specific narrative practices on a whiteboard. Through Reflecting teamwork, questions and responses and a gathering of skillful narrative practitioners from around of the world who trained extensively with Maggie: Raviraj Shetty & Jehanzeb Baldiwala (Mumbai, India), Alfonzo (Poncho) Diaz (Mexico City, Mexico), Sonja Bar-Am, Terry Callahan and Mark Byrne (Adelaide, S. Australia).
Together we inquiry into why Maggie went the way she did in each interview, and how this relates to our own everyday practices.
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An Introduction to Narcissism and Narcissistic Abuse Through the Narrative Lens
December 18, 2021 Collab Salon
Barbara (B) Herring
(Los Angeles, California, USA)
This conversation will be an introduction to Narcissism and Narcissistic Abuse using a Narrative Lens. My hope is that this introduction will be able to help clinicians notice when they may have a client who has been victimized by a narcissistic person, while listening to the experiences and feelings that the client describes. This introduction also aims to offer clinicians some new language to more precisely describe and discuss the most notable signs of this type of abuse – isolation, gaslighting, triangulation, and coercive control. Moreover, we will be able to discuss and create language that bridges the gap between a narrative approach, which entails curiosity, deconstruction, and externalized language, and a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery perspective that tends to be more psychoeducational and directive in its approach. B. Herring
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Catching Up On Recordings
Can you imagine going through this pandemic without the technology we have now!? I found myself setting my daughter up on her distance learning, turning on my Reauthoring teaching video and washing the dishes- never has washing the dishes been so educational and cultivating knowledges! I am grateful for the content and community of Reauthing Teaching that I feel connected to, even when I am not there in person.

Courtney Olinger, PsyD, San Diego, CA
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