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This newsletter features three February offerings.

Sarah Beth Hughes (Nelson, British Columbia, Canada) will be joining us this Sunday, February 20, 2022 (4:00 - 5:30pm NY Time) to present on the topic
Authoring Your Life: Narrative Practices with Writing.
Sarah will be talking about the ideas Steve Gaddis and her developed together and some of their shared passion for writing stories.

 How Do We Come to Know Those Who Seek Our Help by David Epston  is our newest addition to our  Youtube Channel It's also now the featured video on our  David Epston:  Improvisation, Innovations, and Collaboration  Hot Topic for the New Decade resource.

A Conversation with Laure Maurin (Lacanau, France)
introduces Laure and her narrative approach to interviewing the body. 
This is the fourth interview in our featured Community Interviews alongside
A Conversation with Jehanzeb Baldiwala:  Narrative Practices India
A Conversation with Charley Lang: Narrative Therapist, Documentary Filmmaker, Teacher, Actor
A Conversation with Tim and Dale : Reclaiming Lives from Sexual Violence: Understanding Shame

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February 20, 2022 Collab Salon


with Sarah Beth Hughes (Nelson, British Columbia, Canada)
 Authoring Your Life: Narrative Practices with Writing
Sunday, February 20, 2022 Collab Salon
4:00-5:30 pm New York time

Steve Gaddis and Sarah developed a close relationship around their shared love of writing and vulnerability around sharing what they wrote.  They met weekly to read each other’s work and support each other’s writing projects. They found this way of relating so powerful, that they decided to share it in a course called “Authoring Your life,” which they taught last year.  

"Regretfully, Steve won’t be with us as we had hoped, but I will be talking about the ideas we developed together and some of our shared passion for writing stories without Fear holding us back.  Steve taught me a lot about not letting Fear rob me of experiences and what is possible in relationships. I plan to help you explore some of this in writing using some narrative practices in this Collab. Please come prepared to practice writing exercises, preferably with pen and paper."
Sarah Hughes 

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David Epston Keynote:
How Do We Come to Know Those Who Seek Our Help? 

How Do We Come to Know Those Who Seek Our Help? - David Epston, October 30, 2021

David Epston presents a Keynote titled How Do We Come to Know Those Who Seek Our Help  at the Solution Focused School Conference.
This is the seventh Youtube video in our topic David Epston:  Improvisation, Innovations, and Collaboration Youtube playlist. 

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A Conversation with
Laurie Maurin (Lacanau, France)

Interviewing  the Body 

Interviewing the Body with Laure Maurin (and her Cats!)

Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun interviewed Laure at their home in Lacanau on Valentine’s Day.  In French with English subtitles. 

I  know Laure Maurin very well since I have the chance of being married to her for 10 years. She trained in narrative practices in France, at the Fabrique Narrative, the school I founded 15 years ago. Her unique background as a yoga teacher, special educator and Narrative therapist allows her to create a new approach to conversation by merging her three skills. She presented her work in 2019 at the Narrative Camp organized by Peggy in Vermont, and also in France and Europe. The feedback has been very enthusiastic and a book is in the works. Laure’s work opens up new possibilities for all therapists who work with people who are experiencing physical pain or have a damaged relationship with their bodies. 

- Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun,
Reauthoring Teaching Faculty and Founder of la Fabrique Narrative

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