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Sustaining Narrative Practices Across Generations: Emerging Initiatives Around the world (Sunday, November 21): Jehanzeb Baldiwala & Raviraj Shetty (Narrative Practices India), Alfonso Diaz (Colectivo de Prácticas Narrativas/Mexico), Sonja Bar-Am, Terry Callahan &  Mark Byrne (Adelaide Narrative Therapy Collective) will talk with Peggy Sax & Charley Lang  about their narrative vision and initiatives.  

Introduction to Narcissism and Narcissistic Abuse through the Narrative Lens (December 19, 2021): Barbara (B) Herring: (Los Angeles, California) will guide us to look at Narcissism and Narcissistic Abuse using a Narrative Lens.

 Check out our 2022 Collab Series, for which registration is set to open in November  with CE approval pending!

Please note: We always meet the 3rd Sunday of the Month at 4:00-5:30 pm New York time. Starting November 7th, the USA will no longer be on daylight savings time. Check your world clock for any changes in your time zone.


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November 21st, 2021 Collab Salon


 Jehanzeb Baldiwala & Raviraj Shetty (Bombay, India), Alfonso Diaz (Mexico City, Mexico),Sonja Bar-Am, Terry Callahan &  Mark Byrne (Adelaide Narrative Therapy Collective), Charley Lang (Los Angeles, California USA) & Peggy Sax (Vermont USA) 
 Sustaining Narrative Practices Across Generations: Emerging Initiatives Around the World.

Sunday,  November 21st, 2021 Collab Salon
4:00-5:30 pm New York time

How will narrative practice sustain and transform in the coming years and decades? While honoring our mentors, we take delight in the emergence of newer voices within a generation of narrative practitioners. Here we bring together voices from around the world to learn more from them about their narrative initiatives. We first brought this group together as reflectors for the online course Rich Story Development in Action: 3 Live interviews with Maggie Carey. Please join us in welcoming- and learning from -Raviraj Shetty & Jehanzeb Baldiwala ( Narrative Practices India, Mumbai India), Alfonzo (Poncho) Diaz (Colectivo de Prácticas Narrativas, Mexico City, Mexico), Sonja Bar-Am, Terry Callahan and Mark Byrne (Adelaide Narrative  Therapy Collective, S. Australia). 

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December 19, 2021 Collab Salon


Barbara (B) Herring: (Los Angeles, California)
Introduction to Narcissism and Narcissistic Abuse through the Narrative Lens
Sunday,  December  19, 2021 Collab Salon
4:00-5:30 pm New York time

 "My hope is that this presentation will help clinicians notice when they may have a client who has been victimized by a narcissistic person, while listening to the experiences and feelings that the client describes. This introduction also aims to offer clinicians some new language to more precisely describe and discuss the most notable signs of this type of abuse – isolation, gaslighting, triangulation, and coercive control. Moreover, we will be able to discuss and create language that bridges the gap between a narrative approach, which entails curiosity, deconstruction, and externalized language, and a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery perspective that tends to be more psycho-educational and directive in its approach."
B. Herring 

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Collab Salon Series 2022

"I can’t recommend the Collab Salon enough. This year’s lineup showcases some of the most fascinating and innovative up and coming practitioners and their practice. And you can both meet and hear about this in the most intimate of situations, almost as if your were sitting around a dinner table speaking to one another as old friends. We should all be thankful to Re-Authoring Teaching for creating such a ‘space’ for practitioners and their practices to meet one another from all around the world."
David Epston 

Our deep appreciation to all who are contributing to our lineup for 2022 Collab Salons. We've submitted our application for CE approval and plan to open registration in November. Please become a member - or renew your old membership- if you haven't already!

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2022 Collab Salon Series
Every Third Sunday
4:00-5:30 pm New York time

Collab Salon 2022 Series Sneak Preview

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