Januar 14th, 2017

Dear Members and Adjudicators,

The implementation of the WDSF General Knowledge (GK) Test has met with great success. Majority of our adjudicators have already passed the test. The test will be administered once every 4 years for all adjudicators wishing to be qualified to adjudicate in Championships, WDSF World Open, Grand Slam, Cups and Games.

From now, the test will be made easier to prepare for. By accessing the GK Test Study Guide available on the WDSF website, you may focus on the set of around 500 questions to make the preparation for the test an uncomplicated experience.

You can find all the GKT Study guides on the WDSF Academy website section. These documents, at the download section of the page, will be updated from time to time.

I wish you a more pleasant time preparing for your test.

Shawn Tay
WDSF Academy Director