Methods of judging and Assessment Course

24 May, 2017

Dear Members, dear Adjudicators,

Please be informed that with effect from 15 Aug 2016, all adjudicators must have attended a WDSF Absolute Judgement (JS 3.0) Methods of judging and Assessment Course and passed the examination in both theory and practical in order to be eligible to judge competitions/championships using the AJS/JS 3.0. These events include all Championships, Grand Slams, Cups, Games and WDSF World Open(from 1 Jan 2017).

This course will also meet one of the entry requirements for upgrading of WDSF Adjudicator’s license B to A.

Existing licensed holders may attend this course as a regular WDSF Adjudicator’s Congress.

The next WDSF JS 2.1 Methods of judging and Assessment Course will take place as follows:

Congress: WDSF AJS Methods of judging and Assessment Course
Date: Sunday 6th Aug 2017 to Mon 7th Aug 2017
Time: 11:45am to 7:45pm on 6th Aug 2017 and   9:45am to 7:00pm on 7th Aug 2017
Place: Alte Reithalle, Maritim Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany
Local Organiser: Tanzsport Deutschland DTV
Lecturers: To be Confirmed
GS Test: YES, (for new license applicants and licensed adjudicators who has not passed the test)
Local Contact person: Harry Koerner,

Course Content

  1. The evolution of WDSF Judging System.
  2. Principles of Absolute Judgement.
  3. Definition and usage of Performance Assessment Standards(PAS).
  4. Definition and usage of Indicative Qualities (IQs).
  5. Practical Assessment using Absolute Judgement.


Part I: Theory test (multiple choice) on PAS and IQs taught in the course and information in the WDSF Adjudicator’s Handbook. Once the entry is being received by the WDSF Academy through the National Federation, a copy of the WDSF Adjudicator’s Handbook will be emailed to all participants free of charge. Participants should register as early as possible and start preparing for the exam by reading and understanding the Handbook.

Part II : Practical Test(watch a video performance, analyse the performance, identify the qualities and award the points)

To pass the test, participants must past both Theory and Practical modules of the test. Participants who passed only one module may reschedule a retest for the failed module.

Conditions for Retest

  1. Retest applicants must have attended and paid for an AJS or JS 2.1 course previously.
  2. Up to 2 FREE retests is allowed within a period of 18 months from the date of the failed test.
  3. Applicants who failed a single module of the test (either practical or theory) may sit for the retest of the failed module only.
  4. Retest applicants will not be permitted to attend the AJS Course but may be present to take the retest at the appropriate time. Latecomers will not be entertained.
  5. Retest applicants may attend the AJS Course at a discounted price of CHF125 or EUR120.

Application and Course Fee

Trainers who wish to formulate training based on the judging criteria can apply to attend this course as an observer through their respective National Federation.

Course Fee(2 days): CHF250 (EUR235) paid in advance through the National Member body or pay CHF255 (EUR240) on the day. Registration starts 45 minutes before the course starts and end 15 minutes before the commencement of the course.

Please send your entries to WDSF Academy at as soon as possible so we can forward you a copy of the Adjudicator’s Handbook.

All participants must bring either a laptop, Mac Book, tablet or any Android or Apple iPhone/iPad for practice with the AJS.  

Kindly disseminate the above information to your interested and eligible applicants.


Shawn Tay

Chairman, WDSF DanceSport Academy