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Call Cuomo Monday
Stop the East Greenbush Fracked Gas Pipeline

Yet another dirty fracked gas pipeline has just been proposed for New York State. If built, the East Greenbush pipeline would be 7.3 miles long and cut through the Hudson River, Interstate 90 and towns in Albany and Rensselaer counties.

Call Governor Cuomo @ 877-235-6537 and tell him to stop the East Greenbush pipeline, and all fossil fuel projects. New Yorkers want renewable alternatives NOW.

Other talking points:

  •     Although National Grid has been preparing this proposal for nearly two years, the public just recently heard about it. This short notification for the Public Statement Hearings did not give local residents enough time to research the proposal, assess the risks, or organize. We are asking the Public Service Commission to schedule hearings three months from now to give the citizens time to research and prepare.
  •       Climate change endangers the future of our planet; we have to find alternatives. The NY State goal of 80% reduction in green house gas emissions by 2050 cannot be met if we continue to build fossil fuel infrastructure.
  •       New pipelines will last for at least 50 years. Why would we build long lasting pipelines that will become stranded assets when we know we need to transition to renewables in order to protect our climate?
  •       By paying for a new pipeline with rate payer money, there is no incentive for National Grid to find alternatives The proposal did not seriously look at non pipeline alternatives. We think National Grid should be required to seriously consider non pipeline alternatives in their proposal.
  •       In Westchester County, NY, state agencies have allocated over 250 million dollars to foster non pipeline alternatives instead of supporting Con Edison's gas pipeline plans. This resulted in a Clean Energy Plan, NYPA's low cost financing,  and ultimately Con Edison's own renewable incentives.These feasible alternatives should be carefully looked at and adopted by the Public Service Commission in Albany and Rensselaer Counties. 
  •       For example, why not use the rate hike money to incentivize the use of geothermal heat for new growth and pay entities to not use gas or use less gas on the few peak days each year in Albany and Rensselaer Counties. 

P.S. To make a public comment by the April 24 deadline or ask for “party status,” click here.  


Join us for a phone meeting to prepare for Wednesday's East Greenbush Town Board Meeting and brainstorm a strategy to stop the pipeline. Call Becky or Bob at 518-781-4686 if you want to participate in this teleconference call.

Come to the East Greenbush Town Board meeting. National Grid is coming to the meeting to make a presentation and answer questions. Let's make  sure East Greenbush hears our concerns with the project. The National Grid presentation should begin around 7:20. Join us at our Tuesday Phone meeting if you want to coordinate your participation. (See above.)

Take a look at our updated "Go Green" brochure. We want to bring them to lots of public spaces in the Capital District Area. If you can bring some ot your town hall , work place, or other place you think people might be interested in learning about cost savings ways to go green, call Becky or Bob at 518-781-4686 or email: and we'll get you some brochures. 
Take the night off, relax and thank yourself for your environmental activism.

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