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Next meeting:  March 11, 2020 (Wed) at Nassau Library 6PM


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Why aren't you subscribed to Community Solar?

Is it because...
  • You already have solar panels on your home?
  • You're subscribed to an ESCO (Energy Supply company)?
  • You don't use electricity?
  • You like using fossil fuels to electrify your home?
  • You don't want to save money?
  • You think its too complicated?
Here's the scoop

Subscribing to a Community Solar Farm...
  • Takes about five minutes
  • Saves you about 10%
  • Uses electricity from a New York State solar farm to offset your use

There is no risk:
  • There is no upfront cost
  • There is no cancellation fee
  • No long term contract

Here are some companies we recommend:
Next time I ask, "Why aren't you subscribed to community solar?" hopefully you'll say, "I already have!"
What is Community Solar?
Community Solar is a new program passed by New York, Maryland and other states that enables the public to support clean energy and save on their electricity.

Instead of installing solar panels on your home, you sign up to receive clean energy credits from a local solar project. The solar project generates clean energy that replaces fossil fuels. The credits from the project lower your energy bill each month. It’s that simple!

How does it work?

Join a Solar Garden

When you join a community solar farm, the community solar company reviews your annual electricity usage to assign you a share of a local solar garden. Then they communicate to your utility company that you will be receiving a portion of their solar garden’s production each month.

Credit on your electric bill

You receive your portion of power as “solar energy credits” that appear on your electric bill. Your credits offset the final balance you owe your utility for your electric consumption.

Save money – and protect the environment

After you receive your monthly credits, you’ll receive a bill from the community solar company for your subscription. They’ll charge you at a discount based on your credits’ value. You’ll save an estimated 10% of your annual electricity costs.


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