That excess volume hiding out under your chin may have very little to do with whether you’re overweight . . .

CoolSculpting + Kybella: Banish the Neck Bulge

The options for targeting and permanently removing double chins and neck fullness are better than ever. NDDA's Dr. Mary Hurley explains . . .

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Melasma? A Peel Could Help

Discoloration commonly known as melasma can show up on a range of complexions, and for a range of reasons. Chemical peels can help . . . 

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Cleansers, Decoded: Your Basic Face Wash Guide

Only your dermatologist can craft a truly tailored skin care regime, but there are a few standby rules everyone should follow. 

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Good Skin Starts Here

"Good skin starts with an individualized skin care regimen that captures 'the 3 P’s': Protect, Prevent, and Polish." 
- Dr. Corinne Erickson

Dr. Erickson is now working with new patients. Reserve your appointment for your best-ever skin!   

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