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4 June 2019

XTB Price Sheets

XTB SMA Management Fee Now Zero 

The XTB SMA on Praemium is now management-fee free

0% management fees now apply to our SMA on Preamium, saving you 20bps p.a. This allows you to offer your clients a more cost effective and smarter way to run their fixed income XTB portfolio. The SMA delivered a 6.12% p.a. total return over the 12 months to 31 Mar 2019 (past performance is no guarantee of future performance).

SMA clients still enjoy all the benefits of owning XTBs individually, and you benefit as there is no ongoing administration: 

- All reinvestment is taken care of within the SMA,
- All coupons are still paid out to the client’s bank accounts,
- And you can transfer the securities out of the SMA at any time.

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After 30 months of 1.5%, will the RBA cut this afternoon?

The market certainly thinks so...

The market appears to be in agreement that rates are heading south. Commentators are calling for the cut to happen sooner rather than later with the ASX Target Rate Tracker now indicating 100% probability of a rate cut to 1.25%.

Westpac Chief Economist Bill Evans has even gone so far as to predict the RBA will cut the cash rate to as low as 0.75% by the end of the year.


Three advisers - Three views of XTBs

Hear how a range of advisers and portfolio managers are using XTBs

Our series of case studies demonstrates how a wide range of planners and portfolio managers have incorporated XTBs into their client's portfolios. 

Find out why a number of planners have found that XTBs can offer a level of predictability that bond ETFs cannot. The feature of known income payment amounts and dates, along with a set maturity date allows advisers to keep their client's fixed income allocation, just that - fixed. 


Demystifying Bond Terms 

Know your Coupon Rate from your YTM and Current Yield. 

There’s a lot of terminology associated with fixed income. Coupon, yield to maturity and current yield are three terms often used when talking about bonds. What are they and how do they differ? In this article we explain what they are and how they measure a bond's performance. This is a great introduction to bonds for any clients who are not as familiar with this asset class.


Upcoming XTB coupons 

08 JUN: YTMTCL - Transurban 4.90% 08 DEC 2021
11 JUN: YTMQF2 - Qantas 7.50% 11 JUN 2021
16 JUN: YTMNA1 - NAB 4.00% 16 DEC 2021

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