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28 November, 2018

XTB Price Sheets

Five new floating-rate XTBs now on ASX

Interest in floating-rate bonds is skyrocketing
Last week we launched the eleventh PDS of XTBs on ASX. This PDS contained 5 new floating-rate XTBs, bringing the range of floaters to eleven. The new XTBs are: 
  • YTMF17: AMP BBSW + 1.35% 24 MAY '21
  • YTMF13: ANZ BBSW + 1.00% 07 MAR '22
  • YTMF14: BOQ BBSW + 1.02% 16 NOV '21
  • YTMF15: NAB BBSW + 0.80% 10 FEB '23
  • YTMF16: WESTPAC BBSW + 0.81% 27 OCT '22
Please call us on 1800 995 993 if you have any questions about these XTBs or how you can incorporate floating-rate XTBs within your client porfolios. 

Why buy a bond at a premium?

For those more interested in fixed-rate bonds this popular article addresses key considerations for investors focused on income

We are often asked by investors why they should pay above par for a bond. Why should they buy an XTB today for $110 when they know it will mature at $100?
Let’s say that you have decided to invest in a bond and have three to choose from:

  1. Bond A: Price $100.00 pays a coupon of 3.0%
  2. Bond B: Price $99.61 pays a coupon of 2.8%
  3. Bond C: Price $100.96 pays a coupon of 3.5%

All of the bonds mature in two years, in 2020. Which one would you choose? 

Instinctively, most investors would select either Bond A or Bond B, a bond trading at or below its par or Face Value. However, you may be surprised to discover that the Yield to Maturity for each of these bonds is the same - 3.0%. So, based on yield and coupons alone, how can an investor choose between these three bonds?


5 common myths about corporate bonds 

If you're introducing clients to bonds, this article may help address some of the most common misconceptions  

Guest blogger Alison Banney, dispels 5 of the most common myths about corporate bonds. "Let’s be honest. When it comes to your average investor, bond markets can seem intimidating and may be misunderstood. While corporate bonds don’t share the romantic aura that investing in the stock market may emanate, they’re still a strong defensive prospect and have a place in any portfolio."

Three Most Popular XTBs This Month*
  1. YTMF08 Bank of Queensland BBSW + 1.07% 06 NOV 2019
  2. YTMDX1 Dexus 4.75% 24 APR 2019
  3. YTMQF3 Qantas 7.75% 19 MAY 2022
* By number of XTB units purchased on ASX from 1 Nov to 27 Nov 2018

Upcoming XTB coupons

29 NOV: YTMDOW - Downer Group 5.75% 29 NOV 2018 - MATURING
03 DEC: YTMANZ - ANZ 3.25% 03 JUN 2020
07 DEC: YTMF13 - ANZ BBSW + 1.00% 07 MAR 2022 - NEW
08 DEC: YTMTCL - Transurban 4.75% 08 DEC 2021 
11 DEC: YTMQF2 - Qantas 7.750% 11 JUN 2021 

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 Recent bond transactions 

26 NOV: Agricultural Bank of China Sydney prices A$400 million three-year deal
26 NOV:  ME Bank launches new domestic AT1 deal 
26 NOV: ING Groep mandates potential Australian dollar deal
26 NOV: Metro Finance launches A$300 million ABS transaction
26 NOV: Bluestone launches Sapphire XX 2018-3 RMBS deal
23 NOV: Deal and ratings review, week ending 23 November 2018

KangaNews has an excellent summary of the latest bond transactions: View here

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