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Managing Performance in the Family Business

By Mark Fiala, Founder, Organizational Architecture

People Problems Rarely "Work Themselves Out"

"They're just not working out." In our practice, we're very familiar with this euphemism for performance management issues, and we often use it as an opportunity to crack this joke:

"This guy's not working out..."

"Well, tell him to go to the gym!"

Feel free to steal this one!

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Kidding aside, when clients tell us someone is "not working out," that can mean one or more of the following:

 The employee is failing to meet production, sales, or other specific goals, or isn’t fulfilling the duties enumerated in their job description.

 The employee has violated company policies such as appearance standards, time and attendance requirements, safety policies, etc.

 The employee does not behave in a way that is appropriate for their role. They may not demonstrate appropriate customer service, teamwork, leadership, or some other trait effectively or appropriately that is necessary to do the job.

We often find that family-owned businesses struggle with addressing performance issues. In many cases, they do not act at all, or they might swing the other way and react disproportionately to the final “straw that broke the camel’s back.” This approach can come back to haunt them if the former employee takes action against the business.

Here are the reasons we’ve uncovered for why owners don’t act sooner:

 Conflict avoidant—people don’t like to be confrontational, especially face-to-face.

 Fearful of legal action—many of our clients are smaller companies and fear that they will inadvertently do the wrong thing that will get them into costly trouble.

 Unable to articulate exactly what the performance problem is—sometimes the client just can’t state clearly what the problem is, especially when it is behavioral based.

 Don’t have a roadmap for the process—i.e., starting and finishing a path of corrective action to improve behavior. Clients may not know what to expect or have the tools to do this properly.

 Feel like they don’t have time to manage performance—they’re too busy, but the problems persist until something is done about it.

When we find a business owner struggling through this, we show them the process to manage performance effectively so that they can make better decisions about improving performance. Here are some of the techniques we use...Read more.

Mark Fiala 

Mark is a member of the Galliard FBA Institute with over 15 years of strategic human resources leadership. His company, Organizational Architecture, is based in Cleveland, Ohio. Directory Listing | Website 

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"The Guy's Gotta Go!"

Presented by Diane McNally, Diane McNally Consulting
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Or, maybe it is time for "a great guy" to transition because his role has outgrown him and he hasn’t kept pace with the demands of the company. Or, even more challenging, the person is a family member or founder. All of these situations are complex and require thoughtful planning.  

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 Assessing the situation
 Identifying options
 Assessing risk
 Planning the transition

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Diane McNally, Ph.D.

Diane is a Galliard Certified Advisor with over 20 years of executive experience in Fortune 250 organizations. She is based in Westlake, Ohio. 
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