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Another month has passed. How time flies when you're having fun! I have gathered some tips I bumped into in the past month, hoping you'll find some gems in here you can use in your daily work.

Excel tips

This month's shortcuts

If you want to enter today's date into the active cell, simply press control + ; (the semicolon).
To get the current time, use control+ shift + : (the colon)

Slow response of your worksheet when editing

If it takes seconds to move from one cell to another it is likely that your sheet contains many floating objects on top of it. To find out you can either:
  • Press F5 (GoTo), click Special and select Objects
  • Click on the Home tab, click the Find & Select dropdown (the binoculars) and choose "Selection Pane..."
So how did this happen you might think? One cause might be pasting information from the Web. Many sites have elements on their pages that are in fact small pictures. Those too are pasted on top of your worksheet.

VBA tips


Are you in the habit of declaring all your variables yet? If not, now is the time to start doing that. Declaring variables greatly improves the reliability of your code.
First, open the VBA editor (alt+F11) and select Tools, Options. Check the box that says "Require Variable Declaration". This changes nothing to your existing modules, but as soon as you insert a new one, the Editor adds this at the top:
Option explicit
This 'compiler directive' tells the compiler that it needs to check the code in that module for undeclared variables. If you want existing modules to enforce variable declaration, simply place those two words at their top.
Learn more about declaring variables and lots of other stuff about VBA in our Dutch VBA class (see below)!

Those irritating Syntax error messages!

Many people get very irritated by the VBA editor because every time they mistype a line of code and move to the next line, the editor prompts with a syntax error message.
You can stop those annoying error prompts by going into Tools, Options and unchecking the first check box. The Editor will still color any lines with syntax errors in red so you can see problematic codelines.

Events, courses

VBA course

Our Dutch two day VBA course "Excel VBA voor Financials" starts real soon now (scheduled for May 20th and 26th) so go ahead and check out our course site for more information!

The Amsterdam Excel Summit

All good things come to an end. Our event of last week was a fabulous success. We had 6 Excel MVPs giving top-notch presentations about a wide variety of subjects. Have a look at a photo impression.


Auditing of Formulas made easy

Check out our RefTreeAnalyser
the ultimate Excel formula auditing tool.

Optimise your Excel model

The best tool to optimise your Excel model!
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