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My first newsletter!!!

Well, here you go! This is my very first newsletter ever. Congrats for being on the mailing list. I'll start with a monthly frequency. Once I get the hang of this I'll try and step-up the pace if possible.

Excel tips

Formula auditing shortcut

Ever had a cell with a formula pointing to another worksheet? Here is a shortcut key to quickly go to the cell the formula is referencing: Control + [. Once you're done looking at that sheet, hit F5 - enter if you want to return to the original cell. If your cell contains more than one reference to another worksheet, remember that the shortcut takes you to the first one it finds.


Many spreadsheets I get to review or enhance look messy.More often than not, this is caused by the fact that most people format the cells in an ad-hoc manner, rather than planning ahead and thinking about the importance of the looks of a spreadsheet model.
When you start designing a spreadsheet model, consider what is important regarding the look and feel of your model. What are the important types of cells and how do you want them to look?
Styles in Excel make this task easier if you use them properly and understand how they work.
The article explains some details about Styles you may not have known about.


Our Amsterdam Excel Summit 2015 is due in just 2 weeks from today.
We really managed to get top-notch Excel experts to bring you up to speed with many elements of Excel!
Hurry up and register now and pick up a 200 Euro last-minute discount!

Auditing of Formulas made easy

Check out our RefTreeAnalyser
the ultimate Excel formula auditing tool.

Speedup your Excel model

The best tool to optimise your Excel model!
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